I write with a heavy heart hoping for an ear for a moment, in plea to  action for just an instance because you are the only one who can and in a position to. My country is falling apart and I am not too certain of the future I have dreamt of, a future that led to my voting for you, and as I understand a national dream that was hatched decades before our independence.
Dear Mr President. I am an enterprising 24 year old citizen of this beautiful nation of Kenya. Apart from being born and raised here all my life I have participated in the processes that distinguishes a true Kenyan: having gone through the 844 Educational system, having lined up for hours to vote, having followed in detail corruption allegations and the ensuing commissions of inquiry, traveled and interacted widely sampling our cultures, engaging in heart felt discussions on governance and many more, in short I have been watching our nation patiently.
I am proud to be Kenyan and would without a doubt stand up to be counted as one, mine is an inborn loyalty to our state, kindered at birth and carefully maintained to date. Perhaps it was the war stories my grandfather kept telling us; the warfare he and his cronies engaged in pursuit of independence, the emergence of Mau Mau worriors dedicated to our national independence to death. He would go into a transe describing the jungle he grew up in, having been the last born of a traditional father he was at home as his siblings had gone away to work for the white man. He had to protect his fathers cattle and land that he did! He watched his family die off one by one and had to protect their property from loss from every corner of the nation. He was left to fight off the colonoalists and sooner, after independence, he had to fight off the Mau Mau worriors who would take their farm produce for sustenance as they went on living in the forest.
Pardon me for the reflection but I had to, in memory of the struggle our forefathers went through to ensure our freedom, fighting off threats both external and internal! There are so many out there who went through worse than my grandfather, and he admits it. Theirs was a patriotism forged by blood and sweat, one that liberated us for the freedom we enjoy now. Theirs was simple, to control our destiny, and as my grandfather looks on at our nation today he can’t help but chasten me against the injustice  he sees.
Mr President our fore fathers died brutally and painfully, buried in unmarked graves and tortured for years all so that their children enjoy freedom. Herein lies my pain and disgust that not only have we lost sight of what their died for but we have made a culture of trampling on it. I am disturbed beyond words by this fact in light of what has now become our national way of living.
Corruption! Mr President, corruption has to go away, I pride myself in making logical decisions and living with them, and for the life of me I can’t live with my conscience knowing that the regime I voted for, campaigned for and defended with such vigour would as much as turn a blind eye to corruption. The outright theft of our money. Not in thousands nor millions but billions! The all too common cry that there are ‘cartels’ that have monopolized corruption and would not burge even by the president’s order can’t be telorated.
The presidential seat is one to be looked up to, one to set an example on the kind of demeanor a nation takes up. It is the one seat that bears the responsibility of defining a people, defining what is business as usual and what is illegal. We picked out Kibaki to get rid of a dictatorship, and embrace development. He was still of the old guard, but Mr President You are my president! I picked you out to implement and fight in a way not seen before. We were smart, you are new and fresh hence with the energy to change and inspire, we support you and ferociously so against corruption.
Take courage sir we would match to parliament and even state house, if that’s where the corrupt cartels habour. We would never seat silent and watch our most powerful seat and office spat upon and rendered useless or worse, weak! On a personal level Sir we picked you out due to the simple fact that you are rich! We surmise you wouldn’t fall prey to bribes and petty money. You are the best equipped to make a mark in our nation history forever! If the cartels are smart, you can be smarter, what with the smart public in Kenya at your disposal, if they are resourceful and would hit without being seen, we the public, millions of people are behind you 24-7, say the word we will back you up, even the private sector supports that. If they are deeply embedded in government offices, say the word and the public uproar will push them out. If they have huge reserves of money, you come from one of the richest families ever seen in Africa!
I bare responsibility for this regime’s wrongs and mistakes because I consciously partook in its installation. I would never seat down and let my generation go down in history as one that perpetuated the destruction of our state.
You Instituted that 30% of all government tenders to go to the youth, but most of these have been channeled to the same old companies through youth Enterprises designed to exude the youthful image. I keep wondering why a directive from the all powerful office on the land has been disregarded by civil servants? Development projects have stalled and delayed due to issues brought to light, meanwhile as we look at them Counties and constituencies misuse public funds, leaving out the poor, hungry, homeless, unlearned children and the aged. Humiliating indeed but something we are to change, a thing we planned out to change.
Not that I don’t see any positive movements, I deeply appreciate the Chinese -Kenya trade alliance as I import and sell items from there. I commend the construction and expansion of the bypass, and the ongoing SGR is nothing but spectacular. The planned industrial hub in Naivasha is a future only dreamt of. Mr President the ship that is your government is dripping and I don’t want it to drown,too much is dependent on it, too many lives.
I dream of a great Kenya, where business flourishes, where corruption is scowned upon, where integrity is upheld above all other values. Where government offices are geared to work not to steal. I miss the hard stance that you had taken against corruption just before the terror attacks, and a continuation of that would really go a long way.


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