Of this topic nothing can be said too much, I would spend a lifetime searching for words to express myself and still take a decade to speak, cry and mourn. Our freedom fighters sacrificed time, blood, family, friends and ultimately their lives……

No honour is due to them even the great Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi’s family lives in poverty despite their father’s statue donning a street in Nairobi.
Sad sad sad sad! A house is only as strong as it’s foundation, a Good Turn deserves another!

So here is an expression from my fellow Kenyan Patriot.

“So unfortunate that those who were in the forest to fight for the freedom of this country got nothing from all the sacrifice they made some of them die poor at old age with no one to takecare of them…

They spent alot of time away from their wives and children to  fight for the freedom  we enjoy…it was not easy as some even died during the process…..too bad kenya now has been taken by few individuals who control almost everything even the brains of wanjiku, Otieno and Wanjala back in the village….it pains that the common mwananchi will always wait for development back in the village while the leader they choose is busy enriching himself with the money meant for development of the area they represent even grabbing the land that belongs to the community, while the grandson of the freedom fighter has no field to play since it was grabbed by the area MP and the freedom fighter dies in a public hospital due to the poor services because there is a corrupt boss somewhere who stole money and  medicine to open his own chemist or a clinic in town…..

This is the country we live In where leaders don’t care if we kill each other or burn each others property as long as they get what they want….

I love kenya though and I love peace✌ and if we were told to go to the forest to fight for peace in this country I would walk in gladly….

Thumbi Wangui”


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