Have we all lost our minds? I thought we were a learned people or at least the learned few would temper the fellow Kenya! What the hell is going on? Are we so fickle we forget the past? We forget our long journey & history?

I stand with the government & president! The constitution must be upheld, if CORD wants to disband the IEBC,then they should do it via constitutional provided means, one of which was to push elections to December, as per a bill proposed in parliament but the Cord MPs said that would add 3 months to Uhuru, so Now I ask you! Does that sound logical?

Now before we take all this onto our hands and declare ourselves all knowing and custodians of facts….. there’s a constitutional journey our country has undergone for longer that we have been alive (Yes! Everyone reading this unless you are 40+) we had a dictator president who chose and dismissed people/commissions and bodies(independent or not) as he wished: electoral bodies, CJ, JSC etc…. As a result politicians fought and struggled for decades to remove such privileges from such a position and place checks and balances. Constitutionally Prezo can’t do anything to remove IEBC, if he was he would place whoever he wished and none would lift a finger.

IEBC was designed and installed to not be disbanded by anyone by force, protests, mass actions, dialogue, agreements, for whatever reason apart from the constitutional ways hence that’s why the bill was proposed!

Let’s not be cheated and swayed we fought for this constitution and if patriotism has any space I stand by it, warts and all! Anyone who wants to change it by going to the streets is misled!

Couple of questions…. If Prezo changes the law he swore to defend and seats down with Raila, Muthama (wife beater btw), Kalonzo, Wetangula(praised IEBC for deeming him innocent of voter bribery) and all this happens months before the elections, don’t you think there will be a chance to fix people allied to the different factions?

If such a move bore fruits what is to stop me to go to the streets and shout that JSC must go! immediately and that I should be in the talks….

What is to stop me to go claim the land commission should be disbanded and another formed after dialogues, before a bunch of title deeds are given to IDPs?
Surely people there’s a time to make law and a time to defend it! This time we should defend it, if you think otherwise, don’t you believe we have a very progressive constitution? Despite the acclamation received worldwide praising it?

Surely, surely surely! Be patriotic despite tribe, allegiance, political beliefs, region, creed etc…

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