Extra Judicial Killing

I am a Kenyan Patriot. They call me Kenyan. My close friends call me ‘mjuaji’, ‘politician’ , ‘babayao’.
I LOVE Kenya, for the fun we make, jokes we post, adversity we overcome. For the hope we have. Today I put down my patriotic names to stand tall….

#IAmWillie. I am an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya. I believe
in the rule of law. Today I am a taxi driver, I take people home, to work, almost anywhere to
fend for my family… #IAmMuiruri .

Today #IAmMwenda a bodaboda rider If I have an issue in court I seek to be treated with respect and dignity to be heard and justice dispensed with in fairness.

#JusticeForWillie #JusticeForMwendwa
#JusticeForMuiruri #RIP brothers. #StopExtraJudicialKillings

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