A Country’s worth.

Self worth is important, very much so that it is a topic written, talked of and discussed on, not just here but all over the world. Self esteem and the sort are the defining traits that popularly define us in our growth, especially in during our teenage years. Unpopular though is the role it plays in our daily lives as we grow up, even in our 60’s. Hence the many social issues that prop up if such a basic human need isn’t met and/or respected. Pardon my psychology basics in case I didn’t throw in heavy terminologies to baffle you, but I prefer it simple, a level ground for all to enlighten.

Kenya is a state fifty something years old, despite our young age we have come a long way. Most importantly is that we aspire and dream to conquer the world, AMBITION IS PRICELESS. So outgoing are Kenyans that even Britons have a set mindset on how a Kenyan behaves on a regular, so much so that they would have to send extra man power in anticipation of our core character whenever doing business here. Kenyan workers all over the UAE, redefining trade and interactions. Having a Global perspective makes one appreciate just how much blessed we are as a country, probably biased by patriotism but hey we brag of an American president at least.

Reading President Obama’s Dreams From My Father, has sensitized me to the working of the world and moreover defined those deep seated intuitions I have been harboring. More sad that his father Obama snr suffered oppression under Jomo Kenyatta’s regime for speaking out. An obvious injustice done against freedom fighters, who weren’t given back their lands as the new government chose to sell the land, giving power to the former collaborators and government workers who had money, so here Obama senior struts in with a sense of right and justice, against advice he banishes the act and fights. Resulting to his demotion and eventual blacklisting from and government job, the biggest employer then. His passport revoked he couldn’t work abroad too.

That was a different time with different circumstances, I agree, and I might never know exactly what transpired then, I instead settle on reading as much history as I can and trying not to repeat the same mistakes, because we would all be too damned to redo the same mistakes. Within the intricacies of that story lies my subject: a government is to represent the people, protect them against local and domestic dangers (sounds American, and YES Kenya subscribes)

The moment a government, those in power, huge companies use their power, influence,money to push down, oppress and belittle any other individual, business, start up etc it leads to an erosion of honour, respect and proper life as we know it. It slowly creeps into the people and an icicles develops where good nature, respect, trustworthiness lay within. I subscribe to the wisdom stating that a snake is killed by crushing the head, testament from my upbringing in Embakasi.
I reiterate that we have come a long way but if say a minister is allowed to bully his juniors, or as it were a Minister overlooking an athletic team, our crown jewel, get trumped on, trashed, treated like beggars and even robbed off their clothes and shoes. And months later, after commission hearings, he still stands. Or when a Minister holds her position for too long after proof of corruption under her is delivered on national TV, and isn’t dismissed almost sparking a citizens’ procession go forcefully evict her from her office. That one too stands and would seek an electoral seat with the government’s blessing.
I wouldn’t assume a political role neither am I a Political analyst, all I claim to be is a Patriot in Love with one difficult mistress, black and green with red in between.
Every time theft (popularly Corruption) is left to loom someone is trumped on, rubbed off wrongly and the icicles grow. So next time you are seated at a public seat and a passerby steps on your foot, and walks off without a thought, every time a boda boda rides off with your change unmindful of your future value to him, every time your landlord increases your rent with a month’s notice with no improvement of services or when the matatus hike fare because they CAN; worry not, brace yourself for the head-on collision is yet to happen.

Yours truly,
The patriot

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Zuckerburg in Kenya. Peril or Gift ?

I am very excited that Fb founder, the guy that has stunned the world by bringing an unrivalled social media platform for all to enjoy. The 7th wealthiest man visited Kenya for not just it’s beauty but with some serious business interests.

Excited and hopeful for the future, especially when their plan to give internet access to everyone even in rural areas comes alive in Kenya.

In all my hopes and dreams, I am acutely scared to loss all this and deter more investments on account of gvt CORRUPTION.

I am praying hard that someone in the ministry doesn’t ask/demand for a bribe b’coz it will be too sad.

I pray that nothing like the medical equipment meant for the poor case, remember, the one that the donor ordered back to his country b’coz an Mp was running a briefcase medical foundation and someone at the port wanted some greasing to let it through.


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