I am very excited that Fb founder, the guy that has stunned the world by bringing an unrivalled social media platform for all to enjoy. The 7th wealthiest man visited Kenya for not just it’s beauty but with some serious business interests.

Excited and hopeful for the future, especially when their plan to give internet access to everyone even in rural areas comes alive in Kenya.

In all my hopes and dreams, I am acutely scared to loss all this and deter more investments on account of gvt CORRUPTION.

I am praying hard that someone in the ministry doesn’t ask/demand for a bribe b’coz it will be too sad.

I pray that nothing like the medical equipment meant for the poor case, remember, the one that the donor ordered back to his country b’coz an Mp was running a briefcase medical foundation and someone at the port wanted some greasing to let it through.


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