Feminism bred Sponsor generation

As I grew up, my mother would order us, the boys, to do all the house chores all day leaving behind our sisters because ‘they couldn’t do hard labour’. Given we would tone our muscles all day, tilling, fetching water, catering to the cattle & poultry, come lunch time the tune would play. Famished we would lack ready food because the ladies were ‘too busy’ cleaning the house, knitting and plaiting the last born’s hair. Here an option was presented to us, we either prepare our own meal or go hungry and on a duty strike; the latter would attract fury from the big man when he arrives late in the evening, needless to say the former took the floor. After having to prepare the full meal, for the whole lot of us, stiffening the ridicules from our audience, we still have to leave to work some more or just to get away from the high oestrogen levels indoors and their cheesy comments.

This was a regular day and my brother and I soon took it as usual and common, rise early, milk, prepare tea, feed cattle, feed poultry, come scratch up for lunch and leave to go play, climb trees, fight and work some more before coming back to help in supper preparation. You see we were born in late 80’s and early 90’s a time when the woman’s value was seriously under consideration casting in stone how our society would regard and uplift the ladies. A time when advocacy groups would fight for their comrades across the nation, entrenching within all and sundry the thought to pause and consider the lady, multiply the consideration and proceed, damn any blow back.

In this time we learnt that even men can do house chores and ladies can seat back. Why then would we be surprised when ladies can’t cook anymore, or some who are allergic to washing?
Why are we surprised at the high rates of single parent families, the mother having fled?  

Alas! There cropped a generation of young ladies who don’t know how to cook, how to play with children!
How to wash and most disgracefully a generation that’s comfortable enough with such shortcomings that they would openly proclaim the fact, shame aside.

Where then would the children go to eat?

Where would the baby girls learn to cook our traditional dishes?

Who will make the home, warm and safe?

Will we have to redefine the norm and keep men indoors to ensure everyone eats?

Will we have to train men on cooking? Going against centuries to the contrary…..why not we certainly know better than our predecessors.

Well these are the beautiful damsels that grow into socialite ladies looking to have a good time and benefit from it. The kind that would value beauty over brains as a tool of trade. And now we call the benefactors ‘Spinsors’! The teaching and character building was lost decades ago. Our roots! Rooots! Roooooots! 
Pardon my male chauvinism but I would like to have a trail of traditional meals as options, to give to the world and my successors. These will be lost if those placed to carry on the legacy and knowledge find it difficult to play the role. Soon the car will break down and the man within wouldn’t know what to do.

This short period, 80’s and 90’s, the advocacy groups took the cup home, ensuring even the constitution would regard genders in its practice and allocate considerations accordingly. Not that it’s a bad thing neither do I stand for the contrary but in the year 2016, no one would understand you when you say ‘gender equality’ sadly so. A thing that wasn’t meant to be by the visionaries.

Gender equality means just that, it was coined up to ensure equality in both genders at a time when one gender suffered more in society; socially, economically, sexually etc. It was meant to bring to par as we forge our way. Our overindulgence into the jargon is up to us to blame, an express route to destruction. Our usage of the movement to self benefit or otherwise pale the establishments would unabatedly lead to a crop of brainwashed individuals who wouldn’t tell right from wrong nor define the importance and relevance of the said movement. Redefinition at that point would be too painful and expensive to even think of.

A point to note for my readers, before the face scratches and hair pulling, is that I am and have always been a true feminist! What this means is that I am and always been an advocate for women rights and empowerment. I believe in equality in the realest of ways, yes there are differences between men and women, which kind of defines their roles in society, family and general interaction; sad some wouldn’t believe this.

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Someone do something…. Before I….. 

NYS & MOH scandal
It is not much for the money that has seemingly grown legs, allocating itself into several accounts, the account holders unknowingly distributing it between malls and fuel guzzlers. It’s not for the ridiculous schemes they develop so as to rip us off, not just now but in the future, schemes that deserve nothing but a honorary masters degree in finance and logistics for their sheer flawlessness. It is the proverbial finger to the Kenyan faces by the perpetrators of these thefts for they have learnt that nothing will befall them after the public circus they call a commission of inquiry.

That a lady who sat and overlooked the theft of 1.6 Billions from a scheme designed in its core to help the youth, would cry ignorance of the huge money transfers and go ahead and declare intent for a political position. Why? What would she want to do that for? Whether she stole or it was stolen from under her by again the faceless ‘cartels’ who seem to bear blame for all corruption scandals. She has proven insufficient as a leader, one that would be manipulated and robbed silly while she doesn’t know. Why then would she considers to run for a resource management job while her last was a disaster? Who is that giving these nominations? Who would dare exult such an action?

Now we meet Kabura who swears by the strands of hair that she met and befriended former CS Waiguru, who led her to the money. The Kenyan’s case is simple, if she did all this, that we know of, facilitating the theft by as much as a node, a signature to a bank transfer and even walking around with millions in toe to dish them out to compliant parties. Ours, as the people, is simple! Where are the police in all this? Who arrests thieves in this country?

And what are they doing while Kabura, makes a mockery of how we run our lives, a mockery of government procurement processes?

A mockery of our judicial service?

We wonder where the Prosecutor’s office stands on all this! For they would stand by and act ‘hands tied’ as we watch the thieves speak on national television, feigning ignorance and amnesia for the atrocities committed by her bank accounts. As we speak she rides in huge cars, lives like free woman would and nothing happens. If Kamlesh went to hearings from his cell in Kamiti, who is this Kabura lady? Probably she would regain memory while in the cells

Who would be a patriotic Kenyan enough to enforce the law?
With the President crying foul from his lieutenants, we wonder whether Kenya has become so poor that we can’t afford men of integrity, men of good and upright stature,those above reproach? Men who would stand up for some sanity, for justice, for equity? I only wonder what image of ourselves we portray out there.

The First Lady, one that has well defined her role in national matters, one that has been not only active but proven to be a game changer, charismatic and a doer, a true Kenyan woman. When this gem decides to help the mothers countrywide by ensuring free maternal care clinics all over the nation, and does it; organizes luncheons, walks and runs for the high and mighty cronies they rub shoulders with,money trickles in and the ‘Beyond Zero’ project has it’s billions neatly stored for deployment.

A little while later we hear nothing of the free maternal care promised and a tell tell signs of a scandal show. The ugly head rose again to flaunt on our faces it’s resilience. And the unthinkable happens; a journalist gets a hold of an internal audit from within the ministry revealing about FIVE Billion misappropriated to the mega project. Five full billions, that’s five thousand millions, or as you may five million thousands, as in if our population is 50 million, each Kenyan would be given a hundred shillings free of charge; but since we are 40 million there would be change to be squandered, one whole billion to be exact! Because that is what we do!

Points to note is that the Permanent Secretary is called by a journalist to shed light on the theft, and in a fashion reserved for dictators and tyrants of the world he threatens to haunt the journalist’s life, calls etc.

The police in all their might haven’t even attempted to arrest the man, mindful that threatening is a crime. The PS is still in office, busy handling the same documents he is to submit as proof, interacting with the same people who are expected to witness against him.

Someone please do something before…. Before it all turns dark! the people’s fury is being handled with latex gloves and a little bit of kerosene to keep it burning. Debts taken, billions stolen, the hungry robbed, the sick neglected to benefit the few, threatening power mongers!

Mr President DO something!
Mr. IG DO something!
Mr. DPP DO something!
Mr. AG DO something!

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Uhuru a one-term President….. 

I hate to be bearer of bad tidings nor be a vessel of pessimism especially in matters our nation and future. But as the warning goes

‘Bad things happen because good people keep silent when bad happens’

At a time when corruption seems to be too rampant in our government, with the mechanism charged to safeguard our monies seeming unable to stand to the challenge. The police in all their might are unable to arrest confirmed perpetrators of corruption, letting them drive around in posh cars making a mockery of PAC hearings claiming from as petty as amnesia to ignorance.

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, son of the first President of Kenya, a true Kenyan Royal son, born at a time we were achieving emancipation from the treachery of the British colonial masters. In so many ways he embodied a change to the common bullying politics since independence. Equipped with a young vote, born in the ebb of Nyayo era, and a support from the previous regimes.

At a time when free primary education was perfectly entrenched, ignorance was out and with it old politics. These was his currency in previous election and now that his administration has proven unable to deliver, the same bullet that shot him to the presidency might just be the same that ousts him off the seat.

Uhuru Kenyatta was the embodiment of hope to millions of Kenyans who entrusted him to lead us into a bright future; was until he stood in public and national TV and admitted to being unable to fight the scourge of corruption! Never before had we had a President seem so powerless, so defeated, hands tied and overwhelmed by the theft his lieutenants have perpetrated, for a moment we saw how government works: one hand borrows billions to develop projects, the other devices elaborate ways to steal the money. And no one is the wiser.

When the Commander in Chief of one of the World’s best Army says he doesn’t have anything else to do, then we are in deep trouble as a nation. When the NYS scandal perpetrators would admit of their misappropriation and the police, DPP’s office, EACC in all it’s might aren’t arresting them, then we are suffering a systemic breakdown of government.
“Should I take them to Uhuru park infront of a firing squad? ” the President asked and immediately ignited the people’s imagination.

Demonstrations and tales of demonstration are on the rise as the people now join the lines between national debt, theft of public funds and their daily troubles. The Jubilee government fast losing its support in the public for it’s inaction months to election is just too tragic to believe. As tempers rise among the people and agitation for extreme action against corruption increases, this will surely be the deciding moment of the Jubilee government; threatening to have Uhuru as the first one-term president.

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