I hate to be bearer of bad tidings nor be a vessel of pessimism especially in matters our nation and future. But as the warning goes

‘Bad things happen because good people keep silent when bad happens’

At a time when corruption seems to be too rampant in our government, with the mechanism charged to safeguard our monies seeming unable to stand to the challenge. The police in all their might are unable to arrest confirmed perpetrators of corruption, letting them drive around in posh cars making a mockery of PAC hearings claiming from as petty as amnesia to ignorance.

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, son of the first President of Kenya, a true Kenyan Royal son, born at a time we were achieving emancipation from the treachery of the British colonial masters. In so many ways he embodied a change to the common bullying politics since independence. Equipped with a young vote, born in the ebb of Nyayo era, and a support from the previous regimes.

At a time when free primary education was perfectly entrenched, ignorance was out and with it old politics. These was his currency in previous election and now that his administration has proven unable to deliver, the same bullet that shot him to the presidency might just be the same that ousts him off the seat.

Uhuru Kenyatta was the embodiment of hope to millions of Kenyans who entrusted him to lead us into a bright future; was until he stood in public and national TV and admitted to being unable to fight the scourge of corruption! Never before had we had a President seem so powerless, so defeated, hands tied and overwhelmed by the theft his lieutenants have perpetrated, for a moment we saw how government works: one hand borrows billions to develop projects, the other devices elaborate ways to steal the money. And no one is the wiser.

When the Commander in Chief of one of the World’s best Army says he doesn’t have anything else to do, then we are in deep trouble as a nation. When the NYS scandal perpetrators would admit of their misappropriation and the police, DPP’s office, EACC in all it’s might aren’t arresting them, then we are suffering a systemic breakdown of government.
“Should I take them to Uhuru park infront of a firing squad? ” the President asked and immediately ignited the people’s imagination.

Demonstrations and tales of demonstration are on the rise as the people now join the lines between national debt, theft of public funds and their daily troubles. The Jubilee government fast losing its support in the public for it’s inaction months to election is just too tragic to believe. As tempers rise among the people and agitation for extreme action against corruption increases, this will surely be the deciding moment of the Jubilee government; threatening to have Uhuru as the first one-term president.

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