Vote for who? 

He was the last man to put down his rifle
And the first ruler to abolish slavery in the Americas
He fearlessly fought against developing tribal lands
In 1890 he fought fiercely against mining in black hill.
He was imprisoned at Standing Rock agency and he lost his life fighting for the Indian people.

He was Chief Sitting Bull of the Siuox nation!

Yes he did, and many more leaders followed suit with such traits. These were the good all days, where the leaders knew that their lives were useless compared to their charges, when leadership meant giving your life to your followers. Great nations on this earth have been established by these kinds of  leaders who would stand tall, unshaken, and fast!
Such stories inspire me, Nelson Mandela of South Africa who braves decades of prison time in protest against apartheid! Refusing to back down and compromising his stand by accepting a position in an oppressive regime.

Tales of the courageous and practical Thomas Sankara of Togo. Who got into power via a military coup ousting an opressive leader. Sankara revolutionized his nation, he would seat in public and champion his people to build themselves, support their industries, build businesses and grow. 

A more popular video is of him as he asks a young boy with a Levi’s t-shirt who Levi is and where he’s from. Sankara stood true to giving his people the power to self empowerment, even when he knew his deputy was corrupted by western nations he didn’t indulge into extra judicial killing to protect himself and his administration. He was assasinated by his deputy and the nation’s history followed the path of many disaster ridden nations in Africa.

J. R Rowling of Ghana couldn’t stand the goverof the day as it ran a disorganized stinct. He overthrew the government and set up an individual who had shown promise as President. Reason; he says he couldn’t hold a political position as he was a military man. Years later the country was back in shambles, as his choice followed in the previous regime’s steps, ones more J. Rowling moved in to rectify the situation. Taking power and leading the country to stability.

These are leaders who left the world agape with wonder, their impact well documented and effects felt to this day. Looking at Kenya through these lenses would cause one a mild stroke.
So dear citizens as you proceed to register as voters and subsequently vote for the next batch of our nation’s political leader.

–#OneNation #TribeKenya



#BringCarolHome went the hashtag across social media, mostly Twitter where it has been surfacing time and again. A quick glance doesn’t give much but a look into the story beckons tears to one’s eyes. The sad story of a beautiful, lively, energetic, and ambitious young girl by the name Carol.

Carol a recent graduate yet to delve into the real world, is resting at home with family, she has been feeling sickly but was determined to have nothing put her down on that day. They talk, share all the while; she had been sick months before and the doctor’s visit put her under a steroid medication. It was hard but on this day it seemed to have caught up with her: she seized! Convulsed! The family was notified and there the hospital stint started.

Agha Khan Hospital, Nairobi Hospital, Matter Hospital and Ladnan Hospital all were hnable to diagnose the disease ailing our beautiful friend. Carol constantly on medication was subjected to dialysis treatment as the kidneys seemed to fail. At this point hope seemed bleek as she would be rushed between ICU and HDU so often it baffled her doctors. All the while as the family diligently cleared her mounting hospital bill.

A charitable doctor saw the plight of the family and explained their loss in diagnosis. He expressed concern on the bills paid and suggested that they take Carol to India for a more specialized diagnosis and treatment, owing to their superior medical equipment and services. He went ahead and directed the family to Global Health City hospital in Shennai India and got them in contact with a doctor. Thus her move to India seeking treatment.

The family took her to India in quick succession and within the first couple of days she was diagnosed positively with Lupus. They started of by recovering the kidneys, reversing the medication effects she was suffering through before treatment. At this point the family knew they were ill equipped to handle such and had gone ahead to ask their friends to help in clearing of the mounting bill. Hence the social media movement championed by her former classmates from Mass Communication. #BringBackCarol

Fasg forward to January 2017, Carol’s medical trip to India seemed almost over, what with her improving condition, livelier spirit and general aura. Her mother and sister’s precense went a long way to improve her condition in this strange land with strange tongues and foods. Now getting better discussions on her getting back home had commenced allowing for clearance of her outstanding bills as she gets better at home a familiar and comfortable location.

On January 10th ones again the social media movement was on full swing, trying to catch President Uhuru Kenyatta’s attention as he planned to visit India. #BringBackCarol was leading twitter movements in Kenya, off to a great start. Looking forward to a successful day. At about 9 am that morning Carol was announced no more!

Stunned! Dismayed! The many friends and family froze, silence prevailed as all scampered to confirm the bad news. At 11am word was out, officially, across social media, as we all mourned a life taken too soon. Leaving the family with a devastatingly huge hospital bill amounting to 3.9 million Kenya shillings.

The family and friends are now asking any well wisher to help them, in prayer and funds whichever possible.

Contact person is Kevin, the brother, 0726 498003
M-PESA Mchanga
Paybill is 891300
A/c number 8557

The Maasai Heritage 

He stands up straight, more upright than his agemates long aged. He hold his long walking stick closely, now part of his hardened anatomy :a herder is known by his stick.

He throws his cloth over his shoulders ones again as he peers afar, keenly studying the activity. His piercing eyes are still strong and stern, with the kind of depth that shows the owner has seen too much in a lifetime. His sight pierces through the crowds, the traffic, the dry, dusty bushes beside the road, kilometers away he sees it. Standing as it did a century ago, untouched by time, testament to his legacy.

He ignores the tout calls and stares into the young man pulling him out of his way,
‘Doesn’t he know who he speaks to…? ‘
He withdraws and the aged man crosses the road without a care in the world. Slow but sure he confidently crosses unmindful of traffic. His youngest grandson had explained, that the man on the wheel controls the metal box, man had yet again managed to amaze him. But this trip today was more important, one that couldn’t be delayed by anything.
‘They should know who crosses… ‘
He clusps his leather artifacts a little tighter, adjusts his shuka onto his shoulder and proceeds as traffic deftly avoids his step.

He mutters something under his breath and spits in response to an infuriated ignorant driver. Perhaps a curse, a restriction to never use the route running through this land.
Why should he move?
Why should he step aside?
After all, even a moran doesn’t bow to such crude acts, those are meant for simpletons. Yet his word would suppas even 20 morans. He proceeds and doesn’t give a second thought to the boda boda rider on his right, who came to a complete stop.

With one swing he puts down the babbed wire keeping strangers out, the earten grounds feel smoother, familiar, best for grass growing ;if only its glory had been maintained. Just a few more meters he saw it and trembled as he stretched to feel its cold presence.
A moment of silence as he listened to the wind as it confirms his presence.
He feels the ground beneath him quieten to one voice in a century.
His heart pounds along with the victory drums within.
He sees his father and his grandfather before him all holding their long sticks next to them, their people behind them; happy, celebrating: Their Bloodline lives on. Their people will have a leader now.

He recalls as a young man, when he saw his father, from afar, touch the shiny pole, and smiled gratefully knowing his son was observing from where he stood.

“This is our land….. ”

Corruption in Banks

So I was in a bank today, opening up a new bank account for my new business. Following my new year resolution to do those things that benefit me like befriending forward-thinking guys yo meeet the same end. I strutt in all documents in hand, neatly prepared. My partner goes first as he has to rush back to our small business. Great service I think, this is a verg mordern bank, breaking new records as they come up.

As he leaves in a rush, he leaves me behind as I finalize with all the dotting i’s and crossing t’s process in the bank. You see the attendant was directed by his friend, so he was first becoming an acquaintance of ours, great service. My pal jumps in again, he had forgotten to leave behind the cash we were to deposit and was bringing it. As he handed it to me, the bank attendant looks up from his 17″ hp tft screen, pausing his progress,

“na yangu ya lunch….? ” (what about my lunch…..?)

I almost flipped, pulled off my hair, caused a scene, and before I could formulate any words, my partner smiles and tells him that I WOULD LEAVE SOMETHING SMALL. I follow suit with the smiles and hold my silence.

Here we are trying to make a proper living in a brutal space, in a town where the Governor has just added the annual business registration fee. And a bank attendant wants his ‘lunch’ from me, ontop of the salary he gets for services rendered under his contractual obligation.

Sad day indeed, when corruption roots into the private sector attacking the financial sector in its growth. Next time the supermarket attendants will ask for ‘lunch’ or ‘tea’ when eating is too far fetched to fathom.

When will we wake up? Lemme fight my part as I wait for shopkeepers to ask for the same.

Pardon my outburst. 

Matiangi leads!!

One would expect the basic roles of a cabinet secretary as: to see through roles charged unto him/her. But since this obvious thought doesn’t strike our very own leaders, those who call themselves our representatives on every level (Shame shame shame) we live to be stunned by public servants that get the job done! We started off in the recent past when Michuki installed the famous ‘Michuki Rules’ that saw a more than significant reduction on road accidents, effects of which we enjoy till date,think of the thousands of accidents avoided.

Fast forward to 2016 we get a Fred Matiangi, an administrator heading the all too important post of Cabinet Secretary of Education. In a bid to curb exam cheating he has installed the much needed systems to frisk students thoroughly and reduce exam materials yo a bare minimum. He also fastened the marking and release of results to reduce undeserved awarding of grades. As a result we can bank on KCSE as a truthful indication on someone’s performance and intelligence. What seems to be more interesting to me though is that, whatever he has done doesn’t seem to be too complex or far fetched, infact, I can safely bet that numerous scholars had suggested these actions way before but no one was keen to hear nor implement.

Headlines are ones more made when he announces degree audits across universities, discrediting those who hold fake degrees. We can only imagine how many of our ‘leaders’ will fall on the wrong side of this witch hunt. I am certain this will be hilarious, surprising, and saddening at the same time. Mheshimiwa all the best.

A cabinet secretary, a position meant to be executive political un-inclined to ant side. They should be professional employees of the state giving their best to their country, it goes without mentioning that all cabinet secretaries are the best professionals the government can master, our best foot forward so to speak. And if these team fails to manage constructions that don’t adhere to real estate rules, or can’t bring sanity onto our roads, one would wonder if really Kenya is that poor. Poor or human labour that can do these duties to the fullest.

I refuse to believe we lack the kind of people mentally adept at performing and still maintain a heart of humility and patriotism. The kind of people willing to offer their works, strengths and time to the betterment of our country.

Or are we…..? Admitting our ineptitude would mean that the many undergraduate degree holders as of now, the many masters degree holders and even professors cannot apply their profound knowledge to save a nation, their nation. It would mean that we have failed as a nation to achieve dreams of freedom set out during our fight against colonialists: empowering our very own to work in our nation and for pur nation’s benefit. This thought would go a long way to explain why Kenyan construction companies cannot be trusted to build a skyscraper to meet all regulations and here comes the Chinese.

Socks need serious pulling up!

Interested in Politics….? 

So a while back I tried engage one of my friends on a debate on a national issue:ELECTION bill, SGR, EURO BOND, Insults to the president, opposition ordering a parallel voter tallying system. Ready with facts and beaming to get my thoughts and takes challenged, I was met by a vold stare and a blank “I don’t watch the news anymore…….”
Before I broke out into a “you are not a patriot enough…” speech, I learnt the fellow was too much of a patriot to see such goings on in our society. He was fed up, tired, lost for words and was seemingly incapable of doing anything, his wprds didn’t matter. In retrospect, I wondered how many Kenyans thought and felt so?

Seems like it’s been a lifetime now, fighting for the truths and equality much lacking in our nation. Fighting against what we would call or term as obvious; normal workings of government and officials within. Like what the good Cabinet Secretary Alfred Matiangi is doing, simple roles within his parvue; curtailing exam cheating and selling of exam papers prior, putting to task individuals not working within his sector.

We have been treated to repeated bad news, and news of bad news coming with political battles leaving nothing out, all is fair game, be it the sanctity of human life, our future savings as a country, development projects. This leaves room for a build up of lies and hearsay at such a level that one can’t keep up with them.

Those of us who seek to unwind the lies or seek the truth are immediately eeked out by them and turn to silence and ignorance for comfort. Those simple decisions where you find the government not taking the most logical way out, and seems to stutter, hide and twist the whole thing to suit a few. If ever a revolution would happen it would target such norms in public service.

Patriotism seems to escape all these individuals leading our country almost by design. There is never a reason or individual to say ‘I am doing this simply for the benefit of Kenya as a whole.’ our leaders are rotten, and you don’t have to research to see this, all you have to do is be in any Kenyan social platform and comments of the likes of CORD’s Millie Odhiambo & JAP’s Moses Kuria will find new lows to stun you.

A little known fact is that this number of people, Kenyans smart enough to know the lies, are on an increase within Kenya. Owing to the high number of graduates and educated kenyans. Free Primary and secondary education has made it possible.

Though before this course changing dynamic is awakened in us, we will have to make peace by the growing number of unparticipating Kenyans owing to a loss in confidence in our system. A sad fate but one that seems necessary to pass through. Brace for uninterested Kenyans.