So a while back I tried engage one of my friends on a debate on a national issue:ELECTION bill, SGR, EURO BOND, Insults to the president, opposition ordering a parallel voter tallying system. Ready with facts and beaming to get my thoughts and takes challenged, I was met by a vold stare and a blank “I don’t watch the news anymore…….”
Before I broke out into a “you are not a patriot enough…” speech, I learnt the fellow was too much of a patriot to see such goings on in our society. He was fed up, tired, lost for words and was seemingly incapable of doing anything, his wprds didn’t matter. In retrospect, I wondered how many Kenyans thought and felt so?

Seems like it’s been a lifetime now, fighting for the truths and equality much lacking in our nation. Fighting against what we would call or term as obvious; normal workings of government and officials within. Like what the good Cabinet Secretary Alfred Matiangi is doing, simple roles within his parvue; curtailing exam cheating and selling of exam papers prior, putting to task individuals not working within his sector.

We have been treated to repeated bad news, and news of bad news coming with political battles leaving nothing out, all is fair game, be it the sanctity of human life, our future savings as a country, development projects. This leaves room for a build up of lies and hearsay at such a level that one can’t keep up with them.

Those of us who seek to unwind the lies or seek the truth are immediately eeked out by them and turn to silence and ignorance for comfort. Those simple decisions where you find the government not taking the most logical way out, and seems to stutter, hide and twist the whole thing to suit a few. If ever a revolution would happen it would target such norms in public service.

Patriotism seems to escape all these individuals leading our country almost by design. There is never a reason or individual to say ‘I am doing this simply for the benefit of Kenya as a whole.’ our leaders are rotten, and you don’t have to research to see this, all you have to do is be in any Kenyan social platform and comments of the likes of CORD’s Millie Odhiambo & JAP’s Moses Kuria will find new lows to stun you.

A little known fact is that this number of people, Kenyans smart enough to know the lies, are on an increase within Kenya. Owing to the high number of graduates and educated kenyans. Free Primary and secondary education has made it possible.

Though before this course changing dynamic is awakened in us, we will have to make peace by the growing number of unparticipating Kenyans owing to a loss in confidence in our system. A sad fate but one that seems necessary to pass through. Brace for uninterested Kenyans.


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