One would expect the basic roles of a cabinet secretary as: to see through roles charged unto him/her. But since this obvious thought doesn’t strike our very own leaders, those who call themselves our representatives on every level (Shame shame shame) we live to be stunned by public servants that get the job done! We started off in the recent past when Michuki installed the famous ‘Michuki Rules’ that saw a more than significant reduction on road accidents, effects of which we enjoy till date,think of the thousands of accidents avoided.

Fast forward to 2016 we get a Fred Matiangi, an administrator heading the all too important post of Cabinet Secretary of Education. In a bid to curb exam cheating he has installed the much needed systems to frisk students thoroughly and reduce exam materials yo a bare minimum. He also fastened the marking and release of results to reduce undeserved awarding of grades. As a result we can bank on KCSE as a truthful indication on someone’s performance and intelligence. What seems to be more interesting to me though is that, whatever he has done doesn’t seem to be too complex or far fetched, infact, I can safely bet that numerous scholars had suggested these actions way before but no one was keen to hear nor implement.

Headlines are ones more made when he announces degree audits across universities, discrediting those who hold fake degrees. We can only imagine how many of our ‘leaders’ will fall on the wrong side of this witch hunt. I am certain this will be hilarious, surprising, and saddening at the same time. Mheshimiwa all the best.

A cabinet secretary, a position meant to be executive political un-inclined to ant side. They should be professional employees of the state giving their best to their country, it goes without mentioning that all cabinet secretaries are the best professionals the government can master, our best foot forward so to speak. And if these team fails to manage constructions that don’t adhere to real estate rules, or can’t bring sanity onto our roads, one would wonder if really Kenya is that poor. Poor or human labour that can do these duties to the fullest.

I refuse to believe we lack the kind of people mentally adept at performing and still maintain a heart of humility and patriotism. The kind of people willing to offer their works, strengths and time to the betterment of our country.

Or are we…..? Admitting our ineptitude would mean that the many undergraduate degree holders as of now, the many masters degree holders and even professors cannot apply their profound knowledge to save a nation, their nation. It would mean that we have failed as a nation to achieve dreams of freedom set out during our fight against colonialists: empowering our very own to work in our nation and for pur nation’s benefit. This thought would go a long way to explain why Kenyan construction companies cannot be trusted to build a skyscraper to meet all regulations and here comes the Chinese.

Socks need serious pulling up!


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