#BringCarolHome went the hashtag across social media, mostly Twitter where it has been surfacing time and again. A quick glance doesn’t give much but a look into the story beckons tears to one’s eyes. The sad story of a beautiful, lively, energetic, and ambitious young girl by the name Carol.

Carol a recent graduate yet to delve into the real world, is resting at home with family, she has been feeling sickly but was determined to have nothing put her down on that day. They talk, share all the while; she had been sick months before and the doctor’s visit put her under a steroid medication. It was hard but on this day it seemed to have caught up with her: she seized! Convulsed! The family was notified and there the hospital stint started.

Agha Khan Hospital, Nairobi Hospital, Matter Hospital and Ladnan Hospital all were hnable to diagnose the disease ailing our beautiful friend. Carol constantly on medication was subjected to dialysis treatment as the kidneys seemed to fail. At this point hope seemed bleek as she would be rushed between ICU and HDU so often it baffled her doctors. All the while as the family diligently cleared her mounting hospital bill.

A charitable doctor saw the plight of the family and explained their loss in diagnosis. He expressed concern on the bills paid and suggested that they take Carol to India for a more specialized diagnosis and treatment, owing to their superior medical equipment and services. He went ahead and directed the family to Global Health City hospital in Shennai India and got them in contact with a doctor. Thus her move to India seeking treatment.

The family took her to India in quick succession and within the first couple of days she was diagnosed positively with Lupus. They started of by recovering the kidneys, reversing the medication effects she was suffering through before treatment. At this point the family knew they were ill equipped to handle such and had gone ahead to ask their friends to help in clearing of the mounting bill. Hence the social media movement championed by her former classmates from Mass Communication. #BringBackCarol

Fasg forward to January 2017, Carol’s medical trip to India seemed almost over, what with her improving condition, livelier spirit and general aura. Her mother and sister’s precense went a long way to improve her condition in this strange land with strange tongues and foods. Now getting better discussions on her getting back home had commenced allowing for clearance of her outstanding bills as she gets better at home a familiar and comfortable location.

On January 10th ones again the social media movement was on full swing, trying to catch President Uhuru Kenyatta’s attention as he planned to visit India. #BringBackCarol was leading twitter movements in Kenya, off to a great start. Looking forward to a successful day. At about 9 am that morning Carol was announced no more!

Stunned! Dismayed! The many friends and family froze, silence prevailed as all scampered to confirm the bad news. At 11am word was out, officially, across social media, as we all mourned a life taken too soon. Leaving the family with a devastatingly huge hospital bill amounting to 3.9 million Kenya shillings.

The family and friends are now asking any well wisher to help them, in prayer and funds whichever possible.

Contact person is Kevin, the brother, 0726 498003
M-PESA Mchanga
Paybill is 891300
A/c number 8557


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