He was the last man to put down his rifle
And the first ruler to abolish slavery in the Americas
He fearlessly fought against developing tribal lands
In 1890 he fought fiercely against mining in black hill.
He was imprisoned at Standing Rock agency and he lost his life fighting for the Indian people.

He was Chief Sitting Bull of the Siuox nation!

Yes he did, and many more leaders followed suit with such traits. These were the good all days, where the leaders knew that their lives were useless compared to their charges, when leadership meant giving your life to your followers. Great nations on this earth have been established by these kinds of  leaders who would stand tall, unshaken, and fast!
Such stories inspire me, Nelson Mandela of South Africa who braves decades of prison time in protest against apartheid! Refusing to back down and compromising his stand by accepting a position in an oppressive regime.

Tales of the courageous and practical Thomas Sankara of Togo. Who got into power via a military coup ousting an opressive leader. Sankara revolutionized his nation, he would seat in public and champion his people to build themselves, support their industries, build businesses and grow. 

A more popular video is of him as he asks a young boy with a Levi’s t-shirt who Levi is and where he’s from. Sankara stood true to giving his people the power to self empowerment, even when he knew his deputy was corrupted by western nations he didn’t indulge into extra judicial killing to protect himself and his administration. He was assasinated by his deputy and the nation’s history followed the path of many disaster ridden nations in Africa.

J. R Rowling of Ghana couldn’t stand the goverof the day as it ran a disorganized stinct. He overthrew the government and set up an individual who had shown promise as President. Reason; he says he couldn’t hold a political position as he was a military man. Years later the country was back in shambles, as his choice followed in the previous regime’s steps, ones more J. Rowling moved in to rectify the situation. Taking power and leading the country to stability.

These are leaders who left the world agape with wonder, their impact well documented and effects felt to this day. Looking at Kenya through these lenses would cause one a mild stroke.
So dear citizens as you proceed to register as voters and subsequently vote for the next batch of our nation’s political leader.

–#OneNation #TribeKenya


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