2017 elections: “Party leaders at a rally tell the people “Register as voters so that you can determine the people you want as your leaders” At the same rally, the same leader turns to the aspirants and tells them, “Even if you loose,”serikali ni kubwa, tutakutafutia nafasi hapo.”

This isn’t rocket science, neither is it too much the Queen’s language for us to call that spelling professor from tv, to help us out. We all know what is happening, what they mean and what they are doing. And you laugh when a leader openly says “pumbavu tuuuu…..” on the dais.

Lemme take a step back and unravel the mystery that is full speed headed for a collision course with us Kenyans. I have tried to stay away from it too long, kept my sentiment to myself as a true Kenyan would do, never wanting to adulterate anyone’s beliefs or political opinion. I guess I was raised well (proud of it by the way) and wouldn’t, for the life of me, go out there in public (or as it is in our time:online) and start name calling and shaming anyone for their slips, mistakes, bad behavior and more intolerable acts. Especially at a time set by our forefathers: cast by their pain and death, preserved by their blood and sweat, to ensure our prosperity as a nation, a true depiction of our freedom of choice!! ELECTIONS. Free, fair elections are coming up!

I believe we all need to air our views, after all that’s what we bought with thousands of deaths while fighting for our freedom! All alike, the poor, rich , middleclass, even the class less people who seem to have and not have at the same time or those of us who would be flaunting gold bracelets at one time and begging the next time. All equal votes, the process should be free and fair; call it a holy time for people to reflect into the past decades and decide what kind of leadership they would want! A process that should be respected, actually revered within our borders, where no manner of belittling, misdirection or manipulation should be telorated.

A picture comes to mind from my past, over one of those Christmas morning cartoon movies, where the kingdom looks on at a coronation process. All in awe ready to bow down when the mantle passes from King to the all deserving and loved Prince. None of the noble men jeer at the process, despite their reservations of the new King.
Respect!! Loyalty!! Honor!! Is what we lack!

That a leader may stand infront of thousands and utter such nonsensical words and still find it ok is an insult to the dreams and aspirations of those that established this nation! A spit in the face at the electorate, the millions of us. This momentous occasion that we all brace for, this moment that defines us more and more every half a decade, one that is to show the world of our progressive minds is being taken lightly.

Our current crop of leaders have decided to replace honor with bafoonery, have decided to replace progressive politics with cheap shots below the belt, respect with careless remarks and insults. Dear Kenyans, our dais of freedom of which we boast, kn which we stand on aloof as a sovereign state, proud to conquer the world! That dais has children playing on it, little boys and girls peeing and defacating on it, playing ‘tap that’. The children have found their way into every corner, into the judicial corner, parliamentary corner and even the executive corner. Shame! Shame! SHAME on you leaders.

As the hopeless feeling of lack of choice, as the creeping realization that there is no good option set before you, dear Voter! Do not forget that voting is the voice you have, keeping quiet only loudens the deceitful’s voices.

Take a vote, speak loud and clear!! And I don’t mean that piece of paper being dished out by the IEBC agents, know that your real vote is your voice, your sentiments your social media posts, sentiments when in a group of fellow countrymen discussing national matters. So walk proud that you have a voice and flash it responsibly, do not give it out to whoever is charming enough on a dais.


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