Kenyan Election Disaster 

So the election year is here, three months into it we have seen education documents forged, scandals up & down used as political misiles, leaders preparing their strong holds, PEV memories stired, accusations after accusations and much more. What is surprisingly lacking in this race is the people of Kenya and their interests as a whole.

One of the founding fathers to the greatest nation on earth today, USA, President Abraham Lincoln ones mentioned that a house divided against itself cannot stand! This can easily be ruled out as one of those over the top and steadfast values that made him the great leader he was, statements that centuries later are enough to bring one to a stand still of thought. One would think the world learnt from such nations, centuries old, nations learnt more specifically the youngest continent. Because Kenya clearly hasn’t!

I fondly remember when we were young, a bunch of young boys playing all day unawares of the world. We were all friends, would have died for each other, but whenever two or more of us disagreed on a matter and both sides had equal points to challenge, a line was drawn on the ground!! Each party would agree that the line was drawn and that crossing it would mean a battle of epic proportion. Teeth were knocked off, underdeveloped balls were kicked, ears were pulled, eyes pocked; sorry mum for lying that I fell down a tree those many times. The battle was in full view of our comrades, friends who would cheer, jeer and moderate the war to acceptable levels. These guys would decide who had won, when the battle would be over and would take upon themselves to reunite the warring factions! YES! Believe it or not! We had to shake hands after the rampage in the sand! Simple rules applied and we solved our issues the next day, Brian would be seated in our living room enjoying a glass of juice and all is good untill we battle.

This simple rules of engagement is what we lack in our leaders! We do know the warring factions, we do know the price, we are also acutely aware of the history of the battles in the past! We have thousands of leaders who would go out and laugh publicly, welcome each other to their homes and play all nice ;but just as they played nice they have never learnt to fight nice. Apparently this is how we do it in Africa, a depressing story of a Zimbabwean former colonialist to a former freedom fighter comes to mind
“it’s the black curse, we will always win”

In Africa whenever elections are up, we forget all about our goals, we forget all about our struggles as a people, we forget about pur freedom and price paid to gain it, we forget the thieves and enemies of state, we forget the victims & the vulnerable in society. All bets are off!
Suddenly the road that has taken decades to complete is underway and at the other side is a politician poised to make that the center of his political campaign.

Suddenly the governor we had wasn’t even qualified to be an MP, and we start scratching our heads on how that would make any kind of sense.

Sides are suddenly formed based on what we believe the allegations and those who don’t believe accept them, funny listening to two drunk men in my local argue about the merit of the pictures of certificate rolling through our social media platforms. Being a photoshop mini expert, I steer clear and laugh internally, and when I can’t hold it inside, bathroom break!

Politics has seized to be discussions and battles of how to change and impact the nation positively, it’s now solely based on a couple of individuals. Manifestos printed just for show, the Kenyan has been forgotten, the black in our flag overlooked, the white trampled on to a darker Earth brown, the green now symbolizes the riches awaiting the would be winners, money buys money after all. Everyone has bloodshot eyes!

On one side we have “UTHAMAKI” on the other we have “VICTIMS”, one side we have Raila the other we have Uhuru!
The day we would have ideology against ideology I will know we have grown, the day these factions would realize there’s a line that’s only crossed during election period, and when crossed there are rules set in stone enforced by the masses! That after the bout no matter how much dirt was fed into ur nose or eyes, you had to shake hands and make peace and serve ur opponent juice! In your own house! That’s when the country will have its autonomy to grow and prosper, when the prosperity of the nation will not be pegged to who, or which tribe, which clan runs the country at the time.

Without differentiating the two, the leadership & the nation! We are always going to be fighting our own selves, a House Divided Against Itself, Can’t Stand!!

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The Tragedy of Women’s Day

Women’s Day
Once again the ladies have it, another international day to celebrate the female race, allow me today to punch holes into our norm. Ontop of the many regulations that have been setup time and again to try upgrade the position of women in society, a day is added! It’s been a long time coming for the ladies, from the old days of only being seen and not heard, days of working all day with no compensation or appreciation. After centuries of being treated like property, traded to the highest bidder and at times given as an appeasement it isn’t hard to allow as much opportunity to the ladies; in whatever form this takes we(lemme say I) would comply.

And from that, the women we live with, interact and work with get their basis for justification for alot of the women empowerment movements and calls. UN regulations, Government regulations, slowly trickling into businesses’ ways of doing business, preferring to take up lady employees to men equally qualified and suddenly many ladies walk along the streets of Nairobi shouting for the freedom to wear as short a dress as they would want. Suddenly we see a face to the movement that has been gaining traction all this while. The movement gets an ominous face.

My fight comes with the skimpy dressed urbanite girls, who know too much about their rights and not a clue about lack of them. Yes! Those ones who are too quick to flaunt their perfectly formed asses and thighs exposed by long tight dresses adorned by a slit to the hips, and walk around the streets ready to pounce on anyone who would even think of pointing out the indecency. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some good eye candy, but there is something like overkill, even in these matters!

I am talking of the urbanite girls the ones who have been living in a cocoon specifically designed to protect girls from societal oppression and ensure their growth. The girls who grew up and found their battles fought and won, by the iron ladies of before. These girls who after realizing the chance to enjoy the toil of their predecessors would stand tall on the dais of equality and proclaim that they need more inclusion: more seats in parliament, more appreciation from their men, more intakes into schools, more liberty in work hours, more understanding in indecent dressing, more audience despite their quality of speech etc.

The whole purpose of gender equality movements is to build up where the society tramples on, the vision of it is not to cause a supremacy battle of the sexes but to build up one to at least reach the other. It simply means interventions like: lowered entry grades into schools on all levels, government subsidies on issues bringing down said gender and such. This is to enable girls from poor backgrounds, the ones prone to sale as brides to older men get access to an education and would be sponsored throughout the system. This wasn’t made for the benefit of the selfie-taking girls who decide studying hard is too beneath them and now would want their positions in schools assured because they are…… ! Shame! And leave out the boy-child heaving sand & stones all day to make his fees?
Movements to fight for girls’ fashion choices, where we go up & about upholding #MyDressMyChoice. This was used to lift the societal restriction of girls especially when it comes to clothing and was never made for those of our ladies willing to walk half naked in town to no one’s surprise. This was meant for girls forced to numb their sexuality! So I am continually baffled by the fortunate women who use this as an excuse to dress indecently in their comfortable urban jungles and spit back ‘MyDressMyChoice’ when pointed out.

Those ladies taking these movements and their benefits for granted and going as far as using them to push selfish agendas are destroying the spirit with which these were launched. Continually denuding the dignity and integrity of women in their foremost day to shine.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a lover, not a hater. I love my mother, sisters and have a myriad of lady friends(platonic friends ) I am all for development across the board and since women have received the shorter side of the stick I don’t mind the ones-in-a-while special consideration they receive. In my lifetime though I have questioned some of this special considerations awarded to certain individuals due to their gender. I am holding myself back from outrightly saying that is ‘Gender discrimination’ in itself, beacause apparently it omly is if a ladg is kn the receiving end. If you don’t think so you clearly have never been denied access to an institution of learning, a scholarship program or even a group just because the spaces have been held for ‘deserving ladies’

At the back of my mind, I hear certain women leaders shouting at me for writing the unthinkable. To them hold your horses for a while. All the women empowerment projects and talk to benefit them are to target the real needy women. Ladies in rural areas, those who live in abject poverty, those who are still under oppressive sovietal structures, those who go through FGM amd still forced into marriage in their mid teens, those who are pulled out of school to work on their farm because they are lesser beings who don’t deserve a descent education.

This is meant for needy ladies in remote areas like Dolodol, Wajir, Mandera, Hindi, Lamu, remote areas in Western Kenya, Eastern region. Areas still embracing oppressive traditions. These benefits are not for the pampered ladies in Nairobi enjoying their huge phones and selfie sticks, those who compete and succeed just as their male counterparts, probably better as they enjoy privileges due to their gender.

I would never complete this before mentioning the most disastrous part of women empowerment. The Gender Rule in our Parliament! Why would we as a people be forced to elect a woman just because we have to strike a certain balance?
Don’t we know good leaders?
Can’t we select wisely and freely?
Is this democracy a ruse?
A way to control our thoughtless selves to a certain direction. Are we so deluded with our differences that we have to force ourselves compromise on quality leadership for the sake of Gender Rule. If anyone would envision to be a leader, then they should fight it out on every level,not receive a boost on certain levels.

If this is permitted forever the girl child will be considered weak and will be handled as such and for the life of me I would never let my daughter expect to be treated as a weakling. Gender equity means I stand as equal as my fellow sister. This nation needs a serious change in perception. And probably the definition of Equality & Equity.

Concerned male Citizen.

Boniface Mwangi we are on to you…. 

So today I was walking past town hurrying to catch a bus at Kencom stage, if you know 4W route you’d understand my haste. As I crossed over Moi avenue from our ancient Kenya National Archives building onto Kencom, I froze for a moment. Not due to the pretty Nairobi ladies crossing alongside me, not even due to the crazy cars dotting our roads, ok maybe a little. It was Boniface Mwangi, stalled in this very old Mitsubishi SUV, KA… sth plates.

You see it’s a Sunday and as is custom in our nation today is a day where: firstly the faithful visit their churches, to faithfully execute their mandate as Christians and secondly and more fun a day to spend quality time with family, after a long week of busy schedules, deadlines and pursuing money. We all sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labour with family. Here’s where the lines are drawn, between the haves and the have nots, where some of us prefer to fly to the white Malindi beaches for the weekend and some resign to a simple 2kg nyamachoma treat from their local
In our all too familiar fashion, our ‘Waheshimiwa’ have always claimed the former status, going to as far as globe trotting for holidays. We, the common mwananchi, have been left to enjoy the joys that come with a humble home. This has particularly developed within me a certain disgust to our crop of leaders, with their fuel guzzlers and pot bellies. I find myself hating by default, bet it’s brain memory, you know like the much famed muscle memory.

So here I am in an election year, 2017, actively participating in political debates, my fury rising and dropping with the happenings in parliament, getting worked up by the apparent lack of quality leaders and the few available overwhelmed by the rest. Theft dotting our national and county governments alike. Leaders getting discredited in one way or another. In these murky political landscape, I stand there bazing at one of my social justice heroes, Biniface Mwangi. An aspiring Mp for Starehe constituency, everything about him is right. He fights for truth, fights for justice, organizes protests against leaders passing uninclusive laws and runs a youth empowerment program.

This all seems ok and great, but before I smile and raise my hand and wave at this future Mp, I would like to inform him of something; that most of our padt and current politicians started off just as he is doing, humble with right until the sit within the august house, and all changes. Suddenly the chaperone of the people turns into the proverbial fox feeding on her charges. All good, well meaning individuals turn sour, unapologetically, too much so that the few that perform catch the public eye. Seems as if the seat is cursed a last resort of the white colonial masters before they gathered their belongings and took off to their countries.

Our new entrants in the political arena, remember where you come from, the faith you carry with you, the wave you ride. Be wary of the evil that infects those who seat in that house, those we call leaders and seem to own the title a little bit too much. Those who turn and steal our property shamelessly. To Boniface and the new comers, congratulations on the courage hope you make change and don’t thrust us in another 30years of enduring financial scandals and economic stagnation.