The Party Nominations are here and here to stay, at a time where Kenya faces a revolution of sorts; where jabs & holes are punched into leaders’ legacies and stands. Everything is up for gtabs, from personal family, prior private business, stands and even better one’s careless, senseless sentiments.

This might be weird (My seemingly joyous & pride at the chaos of Party Nominations) but given the historic backdrop this has come on, I would smile and smile some more. For too long, who we elect has been the result of vlosed door meetings of the who’s who in the political, economic arenas, such a meeting would decide who stamds, who sits and who challenges who. In one side you’d here the Kikuyu dynasty stands together to select their proxy into whatever office that affects their business (kickbacks & all). On the other, you’d here rumours of a powerful Indian backing on a certain leader, and on and on.

Slowly and slowly the common mwananchi, the famed ‘Wanjiku’ realized that their hands were tied in bureaucratic bigotry, demeaned by the political elite & forgotten by their communal leaders. For decades the term ‘My people have sent me to…..’ had lost its credibility to the unscrupulous activities of leaders who would toil tooth and nail to build a public image propelling him to the notorious position. No way nor measure had existed to gauge ones fame among the electorate. Whenever the electorate thought to raise its head to grab the influence that was robbed off them, you’dl here the savage tales of fingers & heads chopped indiscriminately, individuals speaking against the powers that be disappearing. The electorate was crushed, on their knees begging for mercy, face down a boot was tightly on their necks. A powerful, faceless & heavy boot ever vigilant at any whimpering ready to utilize the whip.

These Nominations are a perfect depiction of suvh a boot disappearing off existence. I smile when an individual from a rural area airs his/her sentiments on the elections echoing with those of us we consider elite, smart & forward in thought, resources and actions.

“…….we cannot accept to start voting, at a polling station where the materials arrived without armed police security!! ”

Song to my ears, another quips,
” No fair election, no Election!! ”
Proceeding to destroy the dubious ballot boxes there and then demanding a free and fair election process.

A challenge has been leveled to the political elite, to the electoral bodies charged with this process. The electorate has made it known, in no uncertain terms, inscribed it on the walls, declared it across the nation, unanimously, together as one!



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