*Scientific Racism*

Is a little known type of Racism that plagued the world and eventually led to the enslavement of Africa as a continent. The source of this type of racism was the innocent but professional work of scientists who were trying to answer the race card:more specifically to answer who exactly the black man was, what type of man, what level of intelligence, what size of brain, whether there was any diminished emotional intelligence compared to the known white man.

In so many ways this shaped the scramble for Africa. The European states divided Africa amongst themselves to avoid wars between themselves and never considered there were people living in Africa. The black man wasn’t considered human in their traditional sense yet. This realization started crippling much much later after Africans took up arms and fought for their rights and property. And even then it isn’t an old forgotten belief, as some people today still believe in it.

Unfortunately when the White man invaded the African colonies they used the same crazy ideas to govern their subjects, as they believed races represented different levels of development in the human species. The trickle down effect led them to believe in different African tribes being in different levels of evolution.

In Rwanda-Urundi region they took to believed the lighter skinned and taller Tutsis were more evolved and had a potential for high intelligence than their Hutu counterparts as such they were awarded formal education and leadership positions.

In Kenya it took another angle where the colonialists believed the lighter skinned Mt Kenya region inhabitants were more evolved and had a high potential of intelligence than their western Kenya counterparts. They experimented and carried out research mostly in the 1930s and found out that most of the students in the then Alliance High school were from Mt Kenya region (about 80% of the population). As a result the white Colonial government went ahead to build more formal schools in the Mt Kenya region and invest in its people. They preferred to build more technical educational schools in Western & Nyanza regions as they deemed the population there had lesser potential for high intelligence.

This scientific racism turned into scientific tribalism fast and was the spark that set off the earliest tribal wars in African nations. In Kenya Alliance High school had its first student-led strike because of tribal wars(Central Kenya students Vs Western/Nyanza Kenya students)
In Rwanda Hutu & Tutsi leaders started killing each other as early as 1950s before independence was even granted to them and built up to the notorious Rwandan Genocide that stunned the world!!

Quote: *If The Truth is Told The Youth Can Grow.. *
By one of the Greatest rappers of all time.

#WarChest Titbits.


Kenya Today

Borrowed & gladly shared

THINGS WE SHOULD NOT FORGET AS KENYANS, although I know we are socialized to see issues from a point of our tribe or political persuasions:
We should note that:
1. Kenya defaulted on national loan (debt) repayments at the end of October 2017. Renegotiated to April 2018. Remember it is standing at 53.3% of our GDP. Already above 51%, recommended by international fund managers

2. Unemployment rate is at 53%. Need I say more? I might add to the pain and hopelessness of joblessness

3. We are about to implement a system of education very few know anything about. Even KICD has not published any need-assessment report or even the outcome of the pilot project ran in May 2017. Yes, 8-4-4 is a disaster. No wonder when one is done with exams, they forget what they learnt. (nilimaza-shule mentality).

4. That it is official so many families in Kenya, (I said families, not the individual count), currently estimated at 2.6m are unable to get at least a single decent meal everyday. (Assume on average each family has 5 members) Am sure we even know some and we are going to give them some unga over Christmas and post pictures on FB.

5. That we lose at least 1/3 of our annual budget to corruption. Yes, a whole 600B, NOT 600M, we are used to corruption of millions.

6. That at this point in Kenya, after 54 years of independence, we have the highest number of SME’s and individuals closing shop or falling to the axe of auctioneers because they are unable to meet their financial obligations. Should I remind you of so many families burdened by medical bills in the same breath?

7. That collectively (collectively means all of us put together), we are not aware/conscious of our history. We have even forgotten the 90’s struggles. That collectively we do not aspire for the highest as human beings. We celebrate what breaks us. (mediocrity) Individually we are gluttonously corrupt and self-centred.

8. That we have become a society devoid of morals, decency and humanity. Too much religion without ANY transformation. We even sing in churches how “we left our culture”. Even the fight for the girl-child has left the boy-child empty. (hope feminists will not crucify me) Uuui!

9. Number 9 should not bother you because it is my opinion. I do not care whether you are a Jubilee diehard or Nasa fanatic. The issues above will hit you like a cyclone if they are not hitting you already, either directly, or indirectly. If you feel secure, the have-nots will hit you, pray it doesn’t happen. It is called the balance of nature.

Question motives

Question your motives and those of your leaders. We are at a weird place as a country, we are harboring individuals crying foul, crying loss and pointing the accusatory finger against the powers that be, some in power others out of power. The litany of accusations and counter accusations have left most of the populace confused, lost and clutching onto titbits of rumors and hearsay. This has resulted to an uncertainty that wreaks so bad, it threatens to destroy our very existence as a nation, a nation we all hope we collectively love and care about.

In the murky waters of our Politics where the NRM formerly NASA, an unregistered Political Party, is planning for a second swearing in of Raila Odinga as the People’s President. The government under Jubilee party is proceeding with business as usual.
Since the August 8th election there has been huge accusations made against both sides, punching holes into the very fabrique of our national existence. The election process was hugely dependent on IT and as such the NASA brigade has repeatedly claimed that rigging has been done by the Jubilee faction. After a supreme court hearing and countless IT experts speaking on the issue we still don’t know who to listen to, who to consider the true sayer.

If something with minimal complexity as confirming a server logs and details to ascertain foul play or breach defeats us as a people, discerning the full impact of swearing in another President or even secession would definitely baffle a big chunk of the population. With this reality I believe the noble, friendly and helpful people of Kenya are being duped by the leaders to what end, we all could guess.

I agree with NASA leadership take: Democracy is on the balance. In danger by who is a witch-hunt that would threaten to turn around the whole barrage of leaders we love to hate. As the literary elite in Kenya provides sh for absolute freedom of speech and information, there are some who would use this freedom to corrupt the illiterate common masses to their own ends.

David Ndii said correctly after the dramatic attempted arrest or as some would say abduction by the police. “with all the intelligence in this country, that’s the best accusation they could level towards me?…… A piece of false news…” either he is right, that the state is so impoverished it knows not how to react to such forces and is lost at point of action a grave situation; or he is wrong and ridiculing the state agencies charged with protecting us.

The biggest question though to the ‘mwenye nchi’ is
Do you know your leader?
Do you know what priorities s/he has?
Do you know their actions?

We seem to be swayed by a wave of opinions for or against our leaders, we apply the same in elections and thereafter. This creates a reality that depends on rhetoric, hearsay and unsubstantiated claims. Dear Kenyan question your leader, his motives based on his actions not the endless talk we are used to.

The Russians say you should trust but always Question even what you trust.

MPs and IT: Can they sign-in unhelped?

So now I live in a Kenya that keeps arguing, it was politics a while back, then came justification of tribal alliances against tribalism and most recently it is the BoyChild Quagmire sponsored by one not-so-popular blogger and a whole session on Tv speaking on the matter……. All I can say is
Dear Kenyans y’all are a bunch of healthy, sensitive and reactive fellows, keep it up it shows you are invested in Country.
But as is our nature we always forget to champion for causes when time is there until it’s too late and damage done. I submit a motion that is coming to the parliamentarians that we all love to hate, yes those that give us small hand out and big promises in elections period.

The motion is one of IT nature, dubbed ICT Practitioners Bill 2016. Having been opposed by the ICT CS earlier on ground that it would discourage innovation and growth in the ICT industry. Mucheru recently counters that the bill is needed, because there are so many people calling themselves ICT experts but are a mockery to the trade! Case and point is the previous election, remember the NASA vs IEBC severs.
In case you forget, NASA generals had brought files saying that they are from the IEBC server, a claim that was denied because the server language used wasn’t the same. A Microsoft server will have logs corresponding, an SQL server will have the corresponding logs, to IT fellows this should be obvious, but in Kenya NASA makes the claims with proof, the proof is denied and no Kenyan is the wiser! Both sides could walk out of the headquarters and pick an IT technician and have them say anything and country will be left in limbo!

So Mucheru sees this as a solution that ICT experts have a degree and three years of experience in that industry. To be certified to perform such activities. A noble deed indeed that seeks to clean up the sector that has been used to corrupt and claim corruption by our ‘Honorable’ leaders. I don’t want to argue the merits or demerits of this Bill, I want to bring you to the reality of who will decide for you, who will have a chance to edit, adding or deducting terms, approving or disapproving such a technical legislation; your MP.

The distinguished members of the august house, those notorious for exchanging blows in the public glare, those same MPs brandishing humongous phones and tablets that they can’t even setup. The same MPs who would have an IT guy at the office to setup their Gmail account into their tablet & phone. Can they even sign in without the help of ‘forgot password’ button?

Do you trust your MP enough with this sort of Bill?
Do you believe that the MPs are knowledgeable enough to grasp its importance?
Are they honorable enough to grasp the weight of this issue?

This is yet to be seen, let’s hope they will, and as we await dear Kenyans talk to them.

ICT practitioners Bill 2016

Why our Politicians are divided!

In the unfortunate game we find ourselves thrust into, a vicious cycle of who is fooling who, where truth is what the speaker of the moment determines is at his best interest. Before we get lost in all the momentary craziness sponsored by politicians attempting to clinch even more power to ensure their continued enrichment. It’s very important the patriot let’s known to you the pedistel on which politicians stand.

Kenyan politics, as am sure you have heard started off in institutions of higher studies, most notably of these is University of Nairobi, termed the oldest and arguably the best University in Kenya! In the past students who got the valued and scarce education had the will power to chang the norm they grew into, and slowly influenced country to revolt against colonization, dictatorship and corruption of all manner. As such these institutions have been a power to reckon with and a birth place of almost all our political class.

Notably for this case, it’s important to note that due to the different cultures, different regions and the diversity represented within the same institutions of higher education, there emerged tribal clubs where individuals would meet their own tribesmen and interact; to keep the students closer to their normalcy or perhaps to reduce the influence of Western civilization which in these formative years was viewed to control the education sector. What many of us don’t realize, or unknowingly overlook is that such organizations, clubs or otherwise still exist! Intact with group cultures, traditions.

These groups in turn turned to looking for a leader among themselves and present him for student leadership, and consequently, unsurprisingly they presented leaders as per their various tribes. When numbers mattered, unions were made comprising different factions and as such some tribes took to branding themselves friends and others enemies. Consequently the alliances and enemies created resembled what was happening in the national political front. In an uncanny nature university politics stopped being the influencer and slowly became the influenced, what with all the funding the student leaders got from political parties trying to control the political narrative.

Fast forward to 2017,the election year of present, a group ot youthful leaders are called to speak on the political catastrophe brewing in country. Illiteracy has been cited as one of the reasons why there has been divisive politics in the country, why the political scene has been marred by tribal bigotry. In this interaction from these leaders we learn of a new reality,

“the learned leaders we have have been on the forefront of promoting tribal alignment!”

“we have seen very highly placed, very exposed individuals go ahead and result to basic, animalistic tribal, divisive politics, further dividing the country….”

‘Where do these leaders come from?’

Here is where they come from, the filthy pond that manufactures our national leaders in our Universities. If Babu Owino’s rise into National politics isn’t evidence enough, then lack of police intervention on allegations of his brutality against political rivals in University should scare us, lest we forget.

To most of us wondering why the leadership is making a mockery of our collective intelligence and why they are determined to put their worst foot forward. We should let this reality sink in and if there’s need to change, let’s all pick a bucket and take out the water from the ship!….

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Economic Boycott, what is?

In the History of Economic Boycotts, the scenario is observed by the poor in society, the middle-class and the wealthy rarely participate and only do if there is a direct benefit to them. Such a move usually results in economic profiling along the lines used to justify the economic Boycott. Economically too the move creates uneven demand-supply dynamics that go to hurt the very people participating in it! A shop keeper will decide to not stock whatever items that are mentioned in the Boycott, increasing demand for the items raising the prices naturally, making it so that those who use the items part with higher amounts.
The above information is informed by some economic advisers I had a pleasure in interacting with.

A good citizen questions whatever realities that may find themselves in. In the same spirit let me. To whom does this Boycott belong?
Has there been a feasibility test done on the people asked to change their habits?
Has there been forwarded alternatives?
Is the Boycott designed to helo the people in the long run or is it to prove the muscle of some?

We all know influence is powerful, and in a state of democracy like ours; the people’s representatives wield the same power as the cumulative voice of the people they represent! Hence why the MPs are that powerful, wielding even the power to determine their salary pay. Would the NASA now NRM trying to prove their influence?
Would this be their way of legitimizing their supremacy?

If they do succeed, what would stop any other political groups from doing the same to them as the government. How then is this a feasible fight?
How long can it hold?
Don’t get me wrong I am all for destroying the cartel & monopoly countries illegally crushing our people, but only them! I do not want to destroy a business that has struggled to be where it is, market leader or not, legitimately working hard in our Kenyan industry is hard enough without political ill will, add that and the business isn’t worth its trouble.

Being a young businessman in our Country has its many down sides! And has now been added another difficulty of not rubbing the political class wrongly!
How do we police a people who should uphold integrity by the very decision of their roles?
How do we ensure we aren’t blindly following some leaders into destructive realities.?
Where is that education?

Moreso, are we to trust that ‘Baba’ knows best and already knows what crimes the said industry leaders have committed?
That he has definitive, unbiased proof that they have been evil works against the country’s populace by these companies?

The rule of Law is there for a purpose! It is to maintain sanity, anytime we support anyone breaking that rule of law, it only creates a thousand more who would be willing to break that law and many others unflinching and very fast. That reality doesn’t suit anyone in our Nation, whatever political divide you come from.

Big Question is: What kind of Kenya are we to build? Which one do we want?

Posed to the real power-belly of the country! The real, rightful owners of Kenya, the Kenyans themselves!

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Raila isn’t a Patriot!!

Kenya has come of age now, the time is upon us, we have grown into this era. In our back, we have left the many carcasses of victims Kenya has trumped on! We have repeatedly achieved victory on victory over time.
We defeated the colonialists!
We bet with capitalism and we won!
We won the coup d’√©tat calls and maintained government!
We defeated the single party dictatorship!
We successfully, bloodlessly changed the Nyayo era!
We put in the best constitution for this modern age!

We have come of age, and as with wars, each subsequent battle is more complex than the former, and as such we should harden our stance, grow more critical and love even harder the country bequeathed us.

Democracy demands that everyone’s voice be heard, and as it is, everyone should shout loud enough to ensure they are heard. The latest battle is a test to democracy! That a leader would stand in the full view of the world and declare “The people don’t want this, don’t want that….” should be questioned, fought or upheld, the reluctance of any of the above functions by the patriots is criminal and should be punished by no short of a decade with hard labor! That our forefathers with bleeding hearts had to make concessions to maintain republic, make deals and push for their needs to be heard, and to later have those positions pawned off for mere coins by their grandchildren is an embarrassment to us as a sovereign state.

Be bold dear Kenyan or your land will be bought off from beneath you, protect it! Protect the constitution, protect the peace, jealously, unbiased! To stand up against those individuals who let destructive forces into our nation is not just optional, it is detriment to our survival. In our formative years such as these, this couldn’t be any more true!

As a patriot I dare submit my judgment against destructive forces in Country! Fair warning judgement lies against one Raila Amolo Odinga, son to one of our founding fathers and patriot Jaramogi Oginga Odinga.

Mr. Raila Odinga is enemy of the republic, the foremost, most potent enemy of the republic. He fought for the new constitution, fought that state agencies be observant to the law of the land, and now to turn around and hit at the agencies that are following the set law is treasonous!
To discredit the Supreme Court’s ability to hear a case unbiased, only when he believes it would rule against him and to rejoice and uphold the same court when it rules in his favor is suspect! Immoral! And exposes a chameleon nature that is not only disturbingly unpatriotic but one that cannot be trusted!

Second submission of an unpatriotic battle with yet another government agency, put together to safeguard our very own sovereignty, IEBC! Lest we forget our own past, Raila himself fought off the IIEC under Isaak Hassan after he lost the 2013 elections! He hand-picked commissioners for the current IEBC headed by Chebukati himself, Chebukati who can be argued to be allied to ODM, a party he supported in the past. To now turn round and throw jabs at the electoral commission when it seems to not announce along his wishes! Playing games with our institutions.
To go ahead and demand changes in a governmental institution, changes that would take too long to implement is outright ill will to the nation’s well-being.
Good Sir, no-one supports a leader they can’t trust, worse if the leader is untrustworthy!

On the case of rowdy youths, anyone with a sense knows very well the joblessness situation in Kenya! This has left a lot of youth vulnerable to manipulation, often by anyone with a coin to spare!! Mr. Raila has perfected the art of fulfilling this, he champions many youths to do his bidding, disrupt normalcy and later cry foul all over declaring “The People have spoken!!”
Which people good sir?
Should we turn to a country of shouts and screams?
Are the ones that are loudest to be heard as final?
-‘Empty debes………’

Mr. Right honorable has created a situation, a reality where we shout at the top most of our voices, run to the streets, all the while suffocating the voices of reason. For this we should never forget.

Mr Baba sir show us your colors, reveal your true colors that we may see you, that we may learn you better. That we may weigh you, that we may measure the level of patriotism.

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Confessions of a Presiding Officer

A sharp sound cracks through the hall, jacking me from my slumber. It echos as I gather my senses; an NYS trainee had just pulled an college arm chair that was in his way, not expecting the burst of noise he quickly turned to meet my eyes.
“pole mzae…” he seemed to say without uttering a word, I nod in an understanding tone.

There’s an unscripted language for those who go through a difficult time/moment and/or are forced by circumstances to work hand in hand either through the problem or after it to avert its reoccurrence. In our case the 2017 elections were our unifying process, not just the fresh Presidential elections but the general elections held on 8h August too.

Having been deployed as a Presiding Officer in stations in areas categorized as Hot zones has a calming effect, especially for those of us who take their good time to analyze, discredit or even appreciate government processes. The event places all of us volunteers in direct contact with the unruly populace. For most of us it’s a virgin experience that leaves a lasting impression on our perception of country. The position was advertised months to the election, to degree holders and consequently, in a country with a whole lot of jobless degree holders, the applications streamed in and IEBC had a chance at the spoils and it had its first pick; for the first time young graduates, as young as 20 years old, were given the momentous job of serving country in different positions, the age factor was so overwhelming that the trainers had to set an age minimum qualification to serve in some positions, never seen before owing to the experience and maturity owed to age.

So we push and pull in line as we pick materials, a process that takes about 24 hours. We witness the commission huggle with logistical challenges of equipping the just inflated number of Polling stations across the country. Reducing the number of voters per station in an effort to curb rigging resulted to a mammoth number of Polling stations across the country! In Nairobi too the case was similar. So fir the first time I saw the men and women who do the unthinkable, the almost torturous labor of allocating Polling stations and Polling materials. As if that’s not enough they go an extra mile to ask whether the ‘allocatee’ is satiated with said station!

I thought being a student leader throughout high-school, I had seen it all, that in some way I was equipped to deal with people in multitudes; or my passage through a Public University had somehow readied me for such but I was mistaken. Here is a group of fifteen individuals in a tallying center, charged with the responsibility of deploying about four thousand Presiding Officers and their three elections clerks per station. They make frantic calls, answer questions thrown at them from different directions, I am taken aback by their resilience. From the slightest concern as a clerks number missing a digit to the huge ones of a PO having gone missing at the last possible moment. I watch from the long queue until it’s my turn to get served, I follow instructions carefully, and give a smile to the clearly worn out lady handing me the necessities to at least put a smile on her face a reassurance that her hard work hasn’t gone unrecognized. She smiles back takes the few moments to catch her breath, gulp down water and proceed to the middle-aged fellow pushing behind, demanding speedy service.

My DPO and I, fifteen minutes later, are standing outside the collection point on a patch of grass with a load of materials, we take out the checklist and ensure we have everything, including two carton booths that can serve as counting desks, or beds as & when need be. We are bundled up into waiting matatus to be ferried to our polling centers. A police chase car accompanies us to the center, number of police advised by intelligence on the security situation on the ground. Off we went to set up, sleep and nibble on the snacks we were given for the day; milk, bread & bottles of water, at times not enough.

All day we do as needed, filling countless forms, stamping ballot papers and marking fingers. Counting is held, usually after the closure of Polling. Afterwards we head back to the tallying centers for another round queueing to hand over our forms 34As to the RO.

After a whole 72 hours of standing in queues, surviving on bread & a packet of milk, dozing on and off on polling booths, remembering to fill all forms according to the law, stamping, signing, scanning and uploading as needed by the commission. At around 2 am/3 am wee hours of the morning most of us complete the process. Those with private transport head out, those living close by, walk home setting up their security.
For those who live far off from the tallying center, we have to seek out a desk/ a booth, a warm room and corner and rest for just a few moments until crack of dawn in time to pick the early PSV transport to take us home.

We arrive home and like clockwork shower, eat, brush teeth and jump into bed. Only after we awake do we see the news, the political talk on TV, the complete discrediting of the IEBC. That our efforts were vid, insurmountable to anything concrete. Most of the temporary employees feels the pinch, most resign to taking the IEBC pay as enough consolation.

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Kenyan Irreducible minimums

So our forefathers were conquered by foreign powers, in the form of the British! Disorganized our communities and broke our safe cocoons, ushering us into the modern way of leadership, where numbers and territory matter. They took the change and learnt the foreign ways so well to realize the oppression that they were subjected to, fighting and vanquishing the oppressors establishing the sovereign state of Kenya, and that’s history.

Important to know who we are and what we are, sovereignty is a reserve for the people to decide what they want! For them to design their lives and future, to create a society of their own liking, one that serves them and only them as a whole! Problem with Kenya we have slowly by slowly pawned off our democratic rights to vision-less, self-serving leaders that have in turn perfected the art of devaluing it. What has resulted is a communal acceptance of a way of life that serves an elite few and a conditioned acceptance of their prosperity as a communal prosperity! Whether we get medicine in hospitals or die off in the hospital’s waiting room.

So now we are so used to being polarized along tribal lines so much we make it easier for the would be leaders by dispelling those of us who would harbor a contrary opinion to the ‘community’ s stand’, we even pre-arm ourselves ready to fight off any other community differing with our stand or leader! We go ahead and do what we assume our leaders want! And just like that we are turned from a force to design our future, one to develop a future conducive to us all to a sledge hammer to be wielded by the crafty political elite.

The conversation has always been that the low literacy levels of Kenya have further encouraged this craziness until we saw professors & distinguished doctors chant political slogans without pointing to specific issues and reasons for their alignment!! The irony of a doctorate adorned leader completing their five year term without ever making the most basic change to his area despite the millions given. Choosing instead to spread a few millions here and there just before the elections, and the shouts and screams resonate with him.

Our lose of sight of what is important, our collective decision to bury heads in sand will bite us in our collective asses(pardon my French).

A Swahili Proverb goes ‘Kikulacho ki nguoni mwako’ and that’s what is biting us! Make no mistake on where to allocate blame;
-when you have to go rake up your loved one from a road accident because the police were ‘too busy’ to show up,
-when you have to give the police an amount to motivate them to pursue a thief who robbed you silly
-when you have to squeeze a bribe to the mortuary attendant just so that they can handle your loved one with some dignity and also trace his/her remains when calked upon.
-when your loved one passes on in an ambulance being ferried from hospital to hospital because you are too broke to place a 200k down payment for a much-needed surgery.
– when you have the ‘Clean Water’ tanker over charge you and its still a gamble on its actual cleanliness.
– when you have to give ‘something small’ to even the waiter who serves you overcooked pees in a restaurant.

We have to set a limit, a norm and define what is sacred from all manner of manipulation! Human life!

Given though! This silent cry might be taken lightly and never heeded, and so will the tyranny that kills us slowly, the rot that decays us from within.

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Elections on 26th??

The opposition has held the government wt ransom! And it’s having a ball with the puppet strings.

So Kenya has decided to break records this year, collectively we have decided to let our crazy out!

Lest we forget and draw up a new collective order out of ignorance, hate and self interest by leaders; the Supreme Court in a historic ruling, decided that the Presidential election didn’t follow the constitution and as such the election should be re-done! The time-line is sixty days from the date of the ruling, the opposition, the same guys who took the case to court then pulled out a new line and declared that the IEBC cannot handle the election, sighting the Supreme Court ruling, and as such they, led by Senior Counsel James Orengo, demanded for reforms in the IEBC.

Quick note IEBC is a government institution that is charged with the responsibility of holding an election in Kenya, an institution that has been subject to changes after almost every election, bowing to pressure from the opposition, and as Raila has been in the opposition for long, the reforms we enjoy today are to his credit! Good Sir!
Back to the reforms suggested, the NASA team demands and terms their demands as irreducible, final and threaten to boycott the elections. Knowing full well the provision that if the election is boycotted by a candidate, a fresh election should be ordered. Smelling this, the already sworn in members of Parliament (majority Jubilee) sought to amend the constitution to seal that provision, claiming it would plunge the country into uncertainty.
Talks between IEBC and the two political parties turn sour, with the opposition holding their stand while the Jubilee party calling for adherence to the law, another first perhaps : the government party asking the opposition to follow the law.

Protest are scheduled for Mondays and Fridays in Central Business Districts across the country, stalling business. This saw the rise of Nairobi Business Owners groups that cone out to meet the protesters notorious for destruction, looting and mugging. Our cities become battle grounds, teargas afflicting the crowds with anti-riot police hard at work to restore sanity. The drums of war are loud and politicians from the NASA side are on the lead, with a number of vocal leaders swearing to sabotage the election, no matter the cost.

My take is simple, the NASA team is fictitious, hypocritical and notorious for causing mayhem.
Why lead followers to their deaths? And claim that whatever the cost, you must win?

Why would the NASA team create an atmosphere of uncertainty, from the days of campaign vowing to refuse the results if they don’t win the Presidency? Is it by default that they refuse the results?

Why would the NASA Team have demands for the IEBC and refuse to negotiate on them?

Why demand reforms of the electoral body, knowing full well that such reforms won’t happen in time for the repeat Free presidential election ordered by the Supreme Court.

Why go round peddling a lie to their followers, claiming that Jubilee stole/rigged the elections and as a result the court annulled?? A clear lie in the public eye set to sway
against the government.

The NASA moves are calculated, measured to force the Government to act by force, so that they would again cry foul and claim extra-judicial execution, tribal bias etc..

Dear Kenyans a revolution will happen and things will never be the same, we are forging our future now! Lets be sane enough not to endorse mutiny, insanity & warmongers.