Kenyan Election DisasterĀ 

So the election year is here, three months into it we have seen education documents forged, scandals up & down used as political misiles, leaders preparing their strong holds, PEV memories stired, accusations after accusations and much more. What is surprisingly lacking in this race is the people of Kenya and their interests as a whole.

One of the founding fathers to the greatest nation on earth today, USA, President Abraham Lincoln ones mentioned that a house divided against itself cannot stand! This can easily be ruled out as one of those over the top and steadfast values that made him the great leader he was, statements that centuries later are enough to bring one to a stand still of thought. One would think the world learnt from such nations, centuries old, nations learnt more specifically the youngest continent. Because Kenya clearly hasn’t!

I fondly remember when we were young, a bunch of young boys playing all day unawares of the world. We were all friends, would have died for each other, but whenever two or more of us disagreed on a matter and both sides had equal points to challenge, a line was drawn on the ground!! Each party would agree that the line was drawn and that crossing it would mean a battle of epic proportion. Teeth were knocked off, underdeveloped balls were kicked, ears were pulled, eyes pocked; sorry mum for lying that I fell down a tree those many times. The battle was in full view of our comrades, friends who would cheer, jeer and moderate the war to acceptable levels. These guys would decide who had won, when the battle would be over and would take upon themselves to reunite the warring factions! YES! Believe it or not! We had to shake hands after the rampage in the sand! Simple rules applied and we solved our issues the next day, Brian would be seated in our living room enjoying a glass of juice and all is good untill we battle.

This simple rules of engagement is what we lack in our leaders! We do know the warring factions, we do know the price, we are also acutely aware of the history of the battles in the past! We have thousands of leaders who would go out and laugh publicly, welcome each other to their homes and play all nice ;but just as they played nice they have never learnt to fight nice. Apparently this is how we do it in Africa, a depressing story of a Zimbabwean former colonialist to a former freedom fighter comes to mind
“it’s the black curse, we will always win”

In Africa whenever elections are up, we forget all about our goals, we forget all about our struggles as a people, we forget about pur freedom and price paid to gain it, we forget the thieves and enemies of state, we forget the victims & the vulnerable in society. All bets are off!
Suddenly the road that has taken decades to complete is underway and at the other side is a politician poised to make that the center of his political campaign.

Suddenly the governor we had wasn’t even qualified to be an MP, and we start scratching our heads on how that would make any kind of sense.

Sides are suddenly formed based on what we believe the allegations and those who don’t believe accept them, funny listening to two drunk men in my local argue about the merit of the pictures of certificate rolling through our social media platforms. Being a photoshop mini expert, I steer clear and laugh internally, and when I can’t hold it inside, bathroom break!

Politics has seized to be discussions and battles of how to change and impact the nation positively, it’s now solely based on a couple of individuals. Manifestos printed just for show, the Kenyan has been forgotten, the black in our flag overlooked, the white trampled on to a darker Earth brown, the green now symbolizes the riches awaiting the would be winners, money buys money after all. Everyone has bloodshot eyes!

On one side we have “UTHAMAKI” on the other we have “VICTIMS”, one side we have Raila the other we have Uhuru!
The day we would have ideology against ideology I will know we have grown, the day these factions would realize there’s a line that’s only crossed during election period, and when crossed there are rules set in stone enforced by the masses! That after the bout no matter how much dirt was fed into ur nose or eyes, you had to shake hands and make peace and serve ur opponent juice! In your own house! That’s when the country will have its autonomy to grow and prosper, when the prosperity of the nation will not be pegged to who, or which tribe, which clan runs the country at the time.

Without differentiating the two, the leadership & the nation! We are always going to be fighting our own selves, a House Divided Against Itself, Can’t Stand!!

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Naivasha accident Wake Up Call

On the eve of our Jamhuri day celebration 2016, the day we ade set to celebrate the day we finally got complete and total liberation from our opressors and colonisers. The day we celebrate with accurate strides, the development we have achieved, the far we have come. This is the one day we can say with certainty the number of years we have been free to do as we wish.

So come 2016 as we prepare to celebrate this very milestone and a day before a dark cloud looms and a deafening thunder strikes. Kenyans travel home over the festive season, to enjoy with their loved ones, and this time it wasn’t different. Karai, an area in Naivasha, where the road comes to a curve as it slopes downwards. Given it’s an interesting ride, an area where speed freaks, like myself, would live to drive through. The area is one of those points on a highway with all signs of speed, an area that no slow slugs, pedestrians are welcomed. Complete with acceleration/alow lanes on the side for trailers that would otherwise slow traffic.

The story goes that the residents along the route complained of the section and the ministry in their humble, noble and prompt fashion swooped in a put a bump right at the bottom of the exhilarating slope. So since January speed freaks, myself included, had to enjoy the sloppy curve and descent, all the while estimating to see where the new bumps were installed. Better iyou have a European car with great brake pads, otherwise you night end up squashed behind a track. Almost instinctively, drivers in their brotherly capacity, always put hazard lights when approaching the bumps to warn the oncoming and pursuing traffic of the danger zone. The lights go on from as far as halfway down the slope, often at night.

Suprisingly I am not the only one who had noticed the looming danger there in my speed escapades along the highway. From Facebook, there are posts from as soon as the bump was installed challenging the wisdom behind the installation. One would think that the ministry of transportation, the county government, the national government or even the Kenya National Highway Authority(KENHA) have among them competent engineers, or in the very least men tempered by common sense and logic. One would assume that those charged with overlooking repair and maintenance of roads are aware of the general workings of roads, road users and drivers. But in this case…….. All these institutions failed us mightily!

A Ugandan-bound track carrying inflammable materials sped down the slope in normal fashion, perhaps there were no cars infront to put hazard in warning, or none to slow down prompting his slowing too. The track hit the bump and momentarily lost control swerving onto the opposite side of the road, head on with oncoming traffic. What happens next was similar to a scene from the popular horror movie, The Omen. Sad sad indeed, so sad that 40 individuals died too soon, many more burnt beyond recognition and many more families and lives wrecked!

Our complacency showed! It reared its head and it was ugly. Too often, we have complained of the wrongs in our society and nothing happens, no one does anything, those charged with the responsibility never raise a finger! And now this caught up with us, on our roads; our engineering pride! Think of it this way, Naivasha-Nakuru highway opens up the Western region from Nairobi, anything happens to it and there will be a total gridlock! All those headed to Kisumu, Bungoma, Kericho, Kapenguria, Eldoret won’t make it if said road is blocked. Meaning the President and Deputy President uses the route on their duties to the said areas, by road of course. You would imagine that atleast one of the many senior government officials would have noticed the issue and sort to follow it up, but no, they must have all assumed another would do it. Just like that lives are lost, a celebration is darkened!

So Kenya what are we doing? Where is the pride in our works? The indelible mark we leave behind whenever we complete an object? The diligent foundation on which great workmanship is built? Are we so lost we can’t recognize when a road desperately needs a bump or one less? Do we need international observers to come observe that too? Do we need Chinese engineers to come repair even bumps?

I often think of my country as a great one, one that forges the way for the other nations to follow. Unfortunately my dreams are squashed repeatedly by new lows. Just when I was accepting that my country can’t manufacture a bicycle, I now have to accept that we can’t knkw where a bump should and shouldn’t be? Please country men.

In the famous words of President elect Donald Trump… ‘Let’ s make our Country Great Again!!! ‘
Yes I quoted him!