#BringCarolHome went the hashtag across social media, mostly Twitter where it has been surfacing time and again. A quick glance doesn’t give much but a look into the story beckons tears to one’s eyes. The sad story of a beautiful, lively, energetic, and ambitious young girl by the name Carol.

Carol a recent graduate yet to delve into the real world, is resting at home with family, she has been feeling sickly but was determined to have nothing put her down on that day. They talk, share all the while; she had been sick months before and the doctor’s visit put her under a steroid medication. It was hard but on this day it seemed to have caught up with her: she seized! Convulsed! The family was notified and there the hospital stint started.

Agha Khan Hospital, Nairobi Hospital, Matter Hospital and Ladnan Hospital all were hnable to diagnose the disease ailing our beautiful friend. Carol constantly on medication was subjected to dialysis treatment as the kidneys seemed to fail. At this point hope seemed bleek as she would be rushed between ICU and HDU so often it baffled her doctors. All the while as the family diligently cleared her mounting hospital bill.

A charitable doctor saw the plight of the family and explained their loss in diagnosis. He expressed concern on the bills paid and suggested that they take Carol to India for a more specialized diagnosis and treatment, owing to their superior medical equipment and services. He went ahead and directed the family to Global Health City hospital in Shennai India and got them in contact with a doctor. Thus her move to India seeking treatment.

The family took her to India in quick succession and within the first couple of days she was diagnosed positively with Lupus. They started of by recovering the kidneys, reversing the medication effects she was suffering through before treatment. At this point the family knew they were ill equipped to handle such and had gone ahead to ask their friends to help in clearing of the mounting bill. Hence the social media movement championed by her former classmates from Mass Communication. #BringBackCarol

Fasg forward to January 2017, Carol’s medical trip to India seemed almost over, what with her improving condition, livelier spirit and general aura. Her mother and sister’s precense went a long way to improve her condition in this strange land with strange tongues and foods. Now getting better discussions on her getting back home had commenced allowing for clearance of her outstanding bills as she gets better at home a familiar and comfortable location.

On January 10th ones again the social media movement was on full swing, trying to catch President Uhuru Kenyatta’s attention as he planned to visit India. #BringBackCarol was leading twitter movements in Kenya, off to a great start. Looking forward to a successful day. At about 9 am that morning Carol was announced no more!

Stunned! Dismayed! The many friends and family froze, silence prevailed as all scampered to confirm the bad news. At 11am word was out, officially, across social media, as we all mourned a life taken too soon. Leaving the family with a devastatingly huge hospital bill amounting to 3.9 million Kenya shillings.

The family and friends are now asking any well wisher to help them, in prayer and funds whichever possible.

Contact person is Kevin, the brother, 0726 498003
M-PESA Mchanga
Paybill is 891300
A/c number 8557

The Maasai Heritage 

He stands up straight, more upright than his agemates long aged. He hold his long walking stick closely, now part of his hardened anatomy :a herder is known by his stick.

He throws his cloth over his shoulders ones again as he peers afar, keenly studying the activity. His piercing eyes are still strong and stern, with the kind of depth that shows the owner has seen too much in a lifetime. His sight pierces through the crowds, the traffic, the dry, dusty bushes beside the road, kilometers away he sees it. Standing as it did a century ago, untouched by time, testament to his legacy.

He ignores the tout calls and stares into the young man pulling him out of his way,
‘Doesn’t he know who he speaks to…? ‘
He withdraws and the aged man crosses the road without a care in the world. Slow but sure he confidently crosses unmindful of traffic. His youngest grandson had explained, that the man on the wheel controls the metal box, man had yet again managed to amaze him. But this trip today was more important, one that couldn’t be delayed by anything.
‘They should know who crosses… ‘
He clusps his leather artifacts a little tighter, adjusts his shuka onto his shoulder and proceeds as traffic deftly avoids his step.

He mutters something under his breath and spits in response to an infuriated ignorant driver. Perhaps a curse, a restriction to never use the route running through this land.
Why should he move?
Why should he step aside?
After all, even a moran doesn’t bow to such crude acts, those are meant for simpletons. Yet his word would suppas even 20 morans. He proceeds and doesn’t give a second thought to the boda boda rider on his right, who came to a complete stop.

With one swing he puts down the babbed wire keeping strangers out, the earten grounds feel smoother, familiar, best for grass growing ;if only its glory had been maintained. Just a few more meters he saw it and trembled as he stretched to feel its cold presence.
A moment of silence as he listened to the wind as it confirms his presence.
He feels the ground beneath him quieten to one voice in a century.
His heart pounds along with the victory drums within.
He sees his father and his grandfather before him all holding their long sticks next to them, their people behind them; happy, celebrating: Their Bloodline lives on. Their people will have a leader now.

He recalls as a young man, when he saw his father, from afar, touch the shiny pole, and smiled gratefully knowing his son was observing from where he stood.

“This is our land….. ”

Corruption in Banks

So I was in a bank today, opening up a new bank account for my new business. Following my new year resolution to do those things that benefit me like befriending forward-thinking guys yo meeet the same end. I strutt in all documents in hand, neatly prepared. My partner goes first as he has to rush back to our small business. Great service I think, this is a verg mordern bank, breaking new records as they come up.

As he leaves in a rush, he leaves me behind as I finalize with all the dotting i’s and crossing t’s process in the bank. You see the attendant was directed by his friend, so he was first becoming an acquaintance of ours, great service. My pal jumps in again, he had forgotten to leave behind the cash we were to deposit and was bringing it. As he handed it to me, the bank attendant looks up from his 17″ hp tft screen, pausing his progress,

“na yangu ya lunch….? ” (what about my lunch…..?)

I almost flipped, pulled off my hair, caused a scene, and before I could formulate any words, my partner smiles and tells him that I WOULD LEAVE SOMETHING SMALL. I follow suit with the smiles and hold my silence.

Here we are trying to make a proper living in a brutal space, in a town where the Governor has just added the annual business registration fee. And a bank attendant wants his ‘lunch’ from me, ontop of the salary he gets for services rendered under his contractual obligation.

Sad day indeed, when corruption roots into the private sector attacking the financial sector in its growth. Next time the supermarket attendants will ask for ‘lunch’ or ‘tea’ when eating is too far fetched to fathom.

When will we wake up? Lemme fight my part as I wait for shopkeepers to ask for the same.

Pardon my outburst. 

Matiangi leads!!

One would expect the basic roles of a cabinet secretary as: to see through roles charged unto him/her. But since this obvious thought doesn’t strike our very own leaders, those who call themselves our representatives on every level (Shame shame shame) we live to be stunned by public servants that get the job done! We started off in the recent past when Michuki installed the famous ‘Michuki Rules’ that saw a more than significant reduction on road accidents, effects of which we enjoy till date,think of the thousands of accidents avoided.

Fast forward to 2016 we get a Fred Matiangi, an administrator heading the all too important post of Cabinet Secretary of Education. In a bid to curb exam cheating he has installed the much needed systems to frisk students thoroughly and reduce exam materials yo a bare minimum. He also fastened the marking and release of results to reduce undeserved awarding of grades. As a result we can bank on KCSE as a truthful indication on someone’s performance and intelligence. What seems to be more interesting to me though is that, whatever he has done doesn’t seem to be too complex or far fetched, infact, I can safely bet that numerous scholars had suggested these actions way before but no one was keen to hear nor implement.

Headlines are ones more made when he announces degree audits across universities, discrediting those who hold fake degrees. We can only imagine how many of our ‘leaders’ will fall on the wrong side of this witch hunt. I am certain this will be hilarious, surprising, and saddening at the same time. Mheshimiwa all the best.

A cabinet secretary, a position meant to be executive political un-inclined to ant side. They should be professional employees of the state giving their best to their country, it goes without mentioning that all cabinet secretaries are the best professionals the government can master, our best foot forward so to speak. And if these team fails to manage constructions that don’t adhere to real estate rules, or can’t bring sanity onto our roads, one would wonder if really Kenya is that poor. Poor or human labour that can do these duties to the fullest.

I refuse to believe we lack the kind of people mentally adept at performing and still maintain a heart of humility and patriotism. The kind of people willing to offer their works, strengths and time to the betterment of our country.

Or are we…..? Admitting our ineptitude would mean that the many undergraduate degree holders as of now, the many masters degree holders and even professors cannot apply their profound knowledge to save a nation, their nation. It would mean that we have failed as a nation to achieve dreams of freedom set out during our fight against colonialists: empowering our very own to work in our nation and for pur nation’s benefit. This thought would go a long way to explain why Kenyan construction companies cannot be trusted to build a skyscraper to meet all regulations and here comes the Chinese.

Socks need serious pulling up!

Interested in Politics….? 

So a while back I tried engage one of my friends on a debate on a national issue:ELECTION bill, SGR, EURO BOND, Insults to the president, opposition ordering a parallel voter tallying system. Ready with facts and beaming to get my thoughts and takes challenged, I was met by a vold stare and a blank “I don’t watch the news anymore…….”
Before I broke out into a “you are not a patriot enough…” speech, I learnt the fellow was too much of a patriot to see such goings on in our society. He was fed up, tired, lost for words and was seemingly incapable of doing anything, his wprds didn’t matter. In retrospect, I wondered how many Kenyans thought and felt so?

Seems like it’s been a lifetime now, fighting for the truths and equality much lacking in our nation. Fighting against what we would call or term as obvious; normal workings of government and officials within. Like what the good Cabinet Secretary Alfred Matiangi is doing, simple roles within his parvue; curtailing exam cheating and selling of exam papers prior, putting to task individuals not working within his sector.

We have been treated to repeated bad news, and news of bad news coming with political battles leaving nothing out, all is fair game, be it the sanctity of human life, our future savings as a country, development projects. This leaves room for a build up of lies and hearsay at such a level that one can’t keep up with them.

Those of us who seek to unwind the lies or seek the truth are immediately eeked out by them and turn to silence and ignorance for comfort. Those simple decisions where you find the government not taking the most logical way out, and seems to stutter, hide and twist the whole thing to suit a few. If ever a revolution would happen it would target such norms in public service.

Patriotism seems to escape all these individuals leading our country almost by design. There is never a reason or individual to say ‘I am doing this simply for the benefit of Kenya as a whole.’ our leaders are rotten, and you don’t have to research to see this, all you have to do is be in any Kenyan social platform and comments of the likes of CORD’s Millie Odhiambo & JAP’s Moses Kuria will find new lows to stun you.

A little known fact is that this number of people, Kenyans smart enough to know the lies, are on an increase within Kenya. Owing to the high number of graduates and educated kenyans. Free Primary and secondary education has made it possible.

Though before this course changing dynamic is awakened in us, we will have to make peace by the growing number of unparticipating Kenyans owing to a loss in confidence in our system. A sad fate but one that seems necessary to pass through. Brace for uninterested Kenyans.

Naivasha accident Wake Up Call

On the eve of our Jamhuri day celebration 2016, the day we ade set to celebrate the day we finally got complete and total liberation from our opressors and colonisers. The day we celebrate with accurate strides, the development we have achieved, the far we have come. This is the one day we can say with certainty the number of years we have been free to do as we wish.

So come 2016 as we prepare to celebrate this very milestone and a day before a dark cloud looms and a deafening thunder strikes. Kenyans travel home over the festive season, to enjoy with their loved ones, and this time it wasn’t different. Karai, an area in Naivasha, where the road comes to a curve as it slopes downwards. Given it’s an interesting ride, an area where speed freaks, like myself, would live to drive through. The area is one of those points on a highway with all signs of speed, an area that no slow slugs, pedestrians are welcomed. Complete with acceleration/alow lanes on the side for trailers that would otherwise slow traffic.

The story goes that the residents along the route complained of the section and the ministry in their humble, noble and prompt fashion swooped in a put a bump right at the bottom of the exhilarating slope. So since January speed freaks, myself included, had to enjoy the sloppy curve and descent, all the while estimating to see where the new bumps were installed. Better iyou have a European car with great brake pads, otherwise you night end up squashed behind a track. Almost instinctively, drivers in their brotherly capacity, always put hazard lights when approaching the bumps to warn the oncoming and pursuing traffic of the danger zone. The lights go on from as far as halfway down the slope, often at night.

Suprisingly I am not the only one who had noticed the looming danger there in my speed escapades along the highway. From Facebook, there are posts from as soon as the bump was installed challenging the wisdom behind the installation. One would think that the ministry of transportation, the county government, the national government or even the Kenya National Highway Authority(KENHA) have among them competent engineers, or in the very least men tempered by common sense and logic. One would assume that those charged with overlooking repair and maintenance of roads are aware of the general workings of roads, road users and drivers. But in this case…….. All these institutions failed us mightily!

A Ugandan-bound track carrying inflammable materials sped down the slope in normal fashion, perhaps there were no cars infront to put hazard in warning, or none to slow down prompting his slowing too. The track hit the bump and momentarily lost control swerving onto the opposite side of the road, head on with oncoming traffic. What happens next was similar to a scene from the popular horror movie, The Omen. Sad sad indeed, so sad that 40 individuals died too soon, many more burnt beyond recognition and many more families and lives wrecked!

Our complacency showed! It reared its head and it was ugly. Too often, we have complained of the wrongs in our society and nothing happens, no one does anything, those charged with the responsibility never raise a finger! And now this caught up with us, on our roads; our engineering pride! Think of it this way, Naivasha-Nakuru highway opens up the Western region from Nairobi, anything happens to it and there will be a total gridlock! All those headed to Kisumu, Bungoma, Kericho, Kapenguria, Eldoret won’t make it if said road is blocked. Meaning the President and Deputy President uses the route on their duties to the said areas, by road of course. You would imagine that atleast one of the many senior government officials would have noticed the issue and sort to follow it up, but no, they must have all assumed another would do it. Just like that lives are lost, a celebration is darkened!

So Kenya what are we doing? Where is the pride in our works? The indelible mark we leave behind whenever we complete an object? The diligent foundation on which great workmanship is built? Are we so lost we can’t recognize when a road desperately needs a bump or one less? Do we need international observers to come observe that too? Do we need Chinese engineers to come repair even bumps?

I often think of my country as a great one, one that forges the way for the other nations to follow. Unfortunately my dreams are squashed repeatedly by new lows. Just when I was accepting that my country can’t manufacture a bicycle, I now have to accept that we can’t knkw where a bump should and shouldn’t be? Please country men.

In the famous words of President elect Donald Trump… ‘Let’ s make our Country Great Again!!! ‘
Yes I quoted him!

Feminism bred Sponsor generation

As I grew up, my mother would order us, the boys, to do all the house chores all day leaving behind our sisters because ‘they couldn’t do hard labour’. Given we would tone our muscles all day, tilling, fetching water, catering to the cattle & poultry, come lunch time the tune would play. Famished we would lack ready food because the ladies were ‘too busy’ cleaning the house, knitting and plaiting the last born’s hair. Here an option was presented to us, we either prepare our own meal or go hungry and on a duty strike; the latter would attract fury from the big man when he arrives late in the evening, needless to say the former took the floor. After having to prepare the full meal, for the whole lot of us, stiffening the ridicules from our audience, we still have to leave to work some more or just to get away from the high oestrogen levels indoors and their cheesy comments.

This was a regular day and my brother and I soon took it as usual and common, rise early, milk, prepare tea, feed cattle, feed poultry, come scratch up for lunch and leave to go play, climb trees, fight and work some more before coming back to help in supper preparation. You see we were born in late 80’s and early 90’s a time when the woman’s value was seriously under consideration casting in stone how our society would regard and uplift the ladies. A time when advocacy groups would fight for their comrades across the nation, entrenching within all and sundry the thought to pause and consider the lady, multiply the consideration and proceed, damn any blow back.

In this time we learnt that even men can do house chores and ladies can seat back. Why then would we be surprised when ladies can’t cook anymore, or some who are allergic to washing?
Why are we surprised at the high rates of single parent families, the mother having fled?  

Alas! There cropped a generation of young ladies who don’t know how to cook, how to play with children!
How to wash and most disgracefully a generation that’s comfortable enough with such shortcomings that they would openly proclaim the fact, shame aside.

Where then would the children go to eat?

Where would the baby girls learn to cook our traditional dishes?

Who will make the home, warm and safe?

Will we have to redefine the norm and keep men indoors to ensure everyone eats?

Will we have to train men on cooking? Going against centuries to the contrary…..why not we certainly know better than our predecessors.

Well these are the beautiful damsels that grow into socialite ladies looking to have a good time and benefit from it. The kind that would value beauty over brains as a tool of trade. And now we call the benefactors ‘Spinsors’! The teaching and character building was lost decades ago. Our roots! Rooots! Roooooots! 
Pardon my male chauvinism but I would like to have a trail of traditional meals as options, to give to the world and my successors. These will be lost if those placed to carry on the legacy and knowledge find it difficult to play the role. Soon the car will break down and the man within wouldn’t know what to do.

This short period, 80’s and 90’s, the advocacy groups took the cup home, ensuring even the constitution would regard genders in its practice and allocate considerations accordingly. Not that it’s a bad thing neither do I stand for the contrary but in the year 2016, no one would understand you when you say ‘gender equality’ sadly so. A thing that wasn’t meant to be by the visionaries.

Gender equality means just that, it was coined up to ensure equality in both genders at a time when one gender suffered more in society; socially, economically, sexually etc. It was meant to bring to par as we forge our way. Our overindulgence into the jargon is up to us to blame, an express route to destruction. Our usage of the movement to self benefit or otherwise pale the establishments would unabatedly lead to a crop of brainwashed individuals who wouldn’t tell right from wrong nor define the importance and relevance of the said movement. Redefinition at that point would be too painful and expensive to even think of.

A point to note for my readers, before the face scratches and hair pulling, is that I am and have always been a true feminist! What this means is that I am and always been an advocate for women rights and empowerment. I believe in equality in the realest of ways, yes there are differences between men and women, which kind of defines their roles in society, family and general interaction; sad some wouldn’t believe this.

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Someone do something…. Before I….. 

NYS & MOH scandal
It is not much for the money that has seemingly grown legs, allocating itself into several accounts, the account holders unknowingly distributing it between malls and fuel guzzlers. It’s not for the ridiculous schemes they develop so as to rip us off, not just now but in the future, schemes that deserve nothing but a honorary masters degree in finance and logistics for their sheer flawlessness. It is the proverbial finger to the Kenyan faces by the perpetrators of these thefts for they have learnt that nothing will befall them after the public circus they call a commission of inquiry.

That a lady who sat and overlooked the theft of 1.6 Billions from a scheme designed in its core to help the youth, would cry ignorance of the huge money transfers and go ahead and declare intent for a political position. Why? What would she want to do that for? Whether she stole or it was stolen from under her by again the faceless ‘cartels’ who seem to bear blame for all corruption scandals. She has proven insufficient as a leader, one that would be manipulated and robbed silly while she doesn’t know. Why then would she considers to run for a resource management job while her last was a disaster? Who is that giving these nominations? Who would dare exult such an action?

Now we meet Kabura who swears by the strands of hair that she met and befriended former CS Waiguru, who led her to the money. The Kenyan’s case is simple, if she did all this, that we know of, facilitating the theft by as much as a node, a signature to a bank transfer and even walking around with millions in toe to dish them out to compliant parties. Ours, as the people, is simple! Where are the police in all this? Who arrests thieves in this country?

And what are they doing while Kabura, makes a mockery of how we run our lives, a mockery of government procurement processes?

A mockery of our judicial service?

We wonder where the Prosecutor’s office stands on all this! For they would stand by and act ‘hands tied’ as we watch the thieves speak on national television, feigning ignorance and amnesia for the atrocities committed by her bank accounts. As we speak she rides in huge cars, lives like free woman would and nothing happens. If Kamlesh went to hearings from his cell in Kamiti, who is this Kabura lady? Probably she would regain memory while in the cells

Who would be a patriotic Kenyan enough to enforce the law?
With the President crying foul from his lieutenants, we wonder whether Kenya has become so poor that we can’t afford men of integrity, men of good and upright stature,those above reproach? Men who would stand up for some sanity, for justice, for equity? I only wonder what image of ourselves we portray out there.

The First Lady, one that has well defined her role in national matters, one that has been not only active but proven to be a game changer, charismatic and a doer, a true Kenyan woman. When this gem decides to help the mothers countrywide by ensuring free maternal care clinics all over the nation, and does it; organizes luncheons, walks and runs for the high and mighty cronies they rub shoulders with,money trickles in and the ‘Beyond Zero’ project has it’s billions neatly stored for deployment.

A little while later we hear nothing of the free maternal care promised and a tell tell signs of a scandal show. The ugly head rose again to flaunt on our faces it’s resilience. And the unthinkable happens; a journalist gets a hold of an internal audit from within the ministry revealing about FIVE Billion misappropriated to the mega project. Five full billions, that’s five thousand millions, or as you may five million thousands, as in if our population is 50 million, each Kenyan would be given a hundred shillings free of charge; but since we are 40 million there would be change to be squandered, one whole billion to be exact! Because that is what we do!

Points to note is that the Permanent Secretary is called by a journalist to shed light on the theft, and in a fashion reserved for dictators and tyrants of the world he threatens to haunt the journalist’s life, calls etc.

The police in all their might haven’t even attempted to arrest the man, mindful that threatening is a crime. The PS is still in office, busy handling the same documents he is to submit as proof, interacting with the same people who are expected to witness against him.

Someone please do something before…. Before it all turns dark! the people’s fury is being handled with latex gloves and a little bit of kerosene to keep it burning. Debts taken, billions stolen, the hungry robbed, the sick neglected to benefit the few, threatening power mongers!

Mr President DO something!
Mr. IG DO something!
Mr. DPP DO something!
Mr. AG DO something!

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Uhuru a one-term President….. 

I hate to be bearer of bad tidings nor be a vessel of pessimism especially in matters our nation and future. But as the warning goes

‘Bad things happen because good people keep silent when bad happens’

At a time when corruption seems to be too rampant in our government, with the mechanism charged to safeguard our monies seeming unable to stand to the challenge. The police in all their might are unable to arrest confirmed perpetrators of corruption, letting them drive around in posh cars making a mockery of PAC hearings claiming from as petty as amnesia to ignorance.

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, son of the first President of Kenya, a true Kenyan Royal son, born at a time we were achieving emancipation from the treachery of the British colonial masters. In so many ways he embodied a change to the common bullying politics since independence. Equipped with a young vote, born in the ebb of Nyayo era, and a support from the previous regimes.

At a time when free primary education was perfectly entrenched, ignorance was out and with it old politics. These was his currency in previous election and now that his administration has proven unable to deliver, the same bullet that shot him to the presidency might just be the same that ousts him off the seat.

Uhuru Kenyatta was the embodiment of hope to millions of Kenyans who entrusted him to lead us into a bright future; was until he stood in public and national TV and admitted to being unable to fight the scourge of corruption! Never before had we had a President seem so powerless, so defeated, hands tied and overwhelmed by the theft his lieutenants have perpetrated, for a moment we saw how government works: one hand borrows billions to develop projects, the other devices elaborate ways to steal the money. And no one is the wiser.

When the Commander in Chief of one of the World’s best Army says he doesn’t have anything else to do, then we are in deep trouble as a nation. When the NYS scandal perpetrators would admit of their misappropriation and the police, DPP’s office, EACC in all it’s might aren’t arresting them, then we are suffering a systemic breakdown of government.
“Should I take them to Uhuru park infront of a firing squad? ” the President asked and immediately ignited the people’s imagination.

Demonstrations and tales of demonstration are on the rise as the people now join the lines between national debt, theft of public funds and their daily troubles. The Jubilee government fast losing its support in the public for it’s inaction months to election is just too tragic to believe. As tempers rise among the people and agitation for extreme action against corruption increases, this will surely be the deciding moment of the Jubilee government; threatening to have Uhuru as the first one-term president.

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Paul Ngei isn’t a Hero!!! 

It is 2016 the commemoration of our country’s greatest men and women ,Mashujaa,those who stood tall against colonisation and colonisers. Those who held on to their proverbial titanium balls, all through the torture and even imprisonment. This is unofficially the greatest honor our nation has mastered for our patriotic nationals who have contributed to our nationhood. Though this honour has had many a people across our history bequeathed, specifically those who rebelled and fought since the days of Koitalel Arap Samoei to the Kapenguria seven, the latter group has had most benefits stretching to this year. 

If you went through the 844 system back when it still had a healthy spirit of defiance and overwhelming knowledge,imposing these and more onto innocent brains, you would know the six as the back of your hand: Jomo Kenyatta, Kung’u Karumba, Bildad Kaggia, Paul Ngei (two more for your research) 

Fast forward to 2016, Uhuru Kenyatta is President of Kenya, son to our founding father Jomo Kenyatta, (one of the Kapenguria inmate) he, in his excellence takes the festivities to Machakos for the first time since independence. What happens after the commemoration steals the heart of our article today, the simple act that defined the whole occasion. He walked into the town and unveiled a statue in honour of yet another Kapenguria inmate/survivor.  Noteworthy the previous week was marked by his impromptu crashing of some corruption talk between the stakeholders charged with fighting it, Department of Public Prosecution, Police boss (IG) Justice department represented ,press and the likes. The president walks in takes the floor and microphone from the then MC Jeff Koinange. He announces his frustration with the institutions that are to fight corruption, their lack of action and pointing fingers. He stood there picking out individuals’ short comings, the failure of Justice to pass judgement, DPP’s failure to prosecute, the laxity of the police to investigate, this and many more. 

In a manner missed, admired and craved after by many loyal Kenyans, our President was seen to call out the imperfections clogging our government. 

“Well done Mr. President! Yes! Put them to task! ” I would imagine Kenyans say. 

“or do you want me to line them up in Uhuru Park in front of a firing squad??” the President’s blunt question was taken with mixed feelings, not knowing what it meant; was he overwhelmed? Defeated? Furious? Vengeful? Conducting a PR gimmick? Whatever it was, heads turned and got alarmed. 
Come twentieth October, mashujaa day, he read the long list of freedom fighters,conveniently leaving out The Odingas & Mboya(considered  

Western Kenya heros) and evaded the too common political and corruption talk. 
Unknown to the most of us, is that Paul Ngei was to be commemorated and immortalized. Complete with a statue in Machakos, similar to the one of Field Marshall Dedan Kimathi along Kimathi street. And why not, it was Mashujaa day and he was after all, one of the famous Kapenguria inmates. It should be expected that in such an occasion, a man of good repute and unquestionable character should be canonized in one of our towns, immortalized for all to see and aim to be, to inspire Kenyans to be more patriotic and of good character just like them. 
As the saying goes ‘the devil is in the details’ and in this particular case the devil handed us a good one, we learnt a wholly different picture of the celebrated man. 
Paul Ngei was NOT a national hero, he was NOT a man of good character, he was NEVER above reproach, he is definitely NOT of good character, especially character that is to be emulated. He officiated impunity and corruption with the finess that so many politicians have tried and failed to match up to, setting the bar on atrocities so high that his like minded successors could only but scratch the surface on his record.
This man opened the door to blatant corruption and wanton theft through government ministries and ones opened it never closed. The man was one of many firsts, he was subject to the first ever commission of inquiry into theft of public monies from under his ministry of agriculture. You see he was the minister for Agriculture, and chair of today’s equivalent NCPB, then called Maize Marketing Board. At a time where Kenya’s cereal produce was on the increase we ended up importing maize because the ministry had exported part of the national reserves in mysterious circumstances. 

For a man who ones told Bildad Kaggia, yet another of the Kapenguria six who decided not to steal himself thousands of acres (probably his bunkmate) to walk into Del Monte farm and take as much land as he wished, if anyone would ask he was to send them to parlé with Ngei at ministry of lands. Bildad Kaggia, ever righteous refused and resigned into his home in East lands area, leading a humble life to his death. Ngei went on in his ways, albeit unstopped, creating a maize cartel across Eastern province that can only be compared to the current NYS saga. He even at ones drove off with a brand new Mercedes Benz from DT Dobie on a road test and never returned it to date. 

He took lots of loans from commercial banks and never paid them back because he simply could and he was after all in the government . An interesting tale of when Mbiu Koinange gave the man a sum of 2,500(consider this like today’s 20million) to arrange purchase and delivery of about 600 bags of grains to his poultry farm. A week later Mr. Koinange called the Maize board and asked for his consignment, they then confirmed that indeed money did change hands, only that it wasn’t deposited into the accounts. Koinange got his consignment, Paul Ngei in his defiant fashion never paid. Unfortunately for him Karma caught up with him, soon and swiftly, most of his property was repossessed by debt collectors as he suffered a serious case of Diabetes that saw his legs amputated. 

This are just a few of what Kenya suffered through under his reign. Now take that picture compare and contrast it to the one of Bildad Kaggia and imagine a statue being sanctioned to his honour, immortalizing the man. Bildad Kaggia not enjoying the honor and Kenyans never learning 

‘Feed integrity, starve impunity’ so the adage goes.  In this aspect Mr. Kenyatta, you failed your country. A man that was implicated in that level of theft should be commemorated only in the annals of justice as an unshakable precedence against those who device ways to rob off the people. But no! Never in Kenya! When Uhuru did this it sent shock waves to those who were enlightened of the past and of his many atrocities. That a man who had robbed too much from his people, who had debt collectors clean him out leaving him begging at parliament gates, would eventually receive a statue in his honour. If in our country we purport to fight corruption we turn round too fast to endorse it and even award the biggest perpetrators of it. 

In future a young child in Machakos will look up at the statue and ask his/her father the dreaded question “who is that? ” 

He will swallow hard and quip “Paul Ngei” knowing full well the sequence of questions that are to follow 

“who was he? ”

“Why does he have a statue? ”

Where are we heading to? What will our children learn about their gallant nation? Did someone in State House forget to tell His Excellency of Ngei’s past? After all he was the bully to Jomo Kenyatta while in Kapenguria, go figure, and had a troublesome relation with mzee.