Kenya ‘Y’all Niggaz in Trouble!’

‘Y’all Niggaz in Trouble! ‘ tunes comes in mind whenever I witness the news, yes Witness!! Because our collective selves have decided to break every other record out there for sanity. We have witnessed the Supreme Court declare a sitting President’s win Null & Void in Africa otherwise known as the continent of short & long sleeves, torture chambers in deep basements in the most incognito places in their cities; the continent where the opposition leaders fall into unfortunate manholes, fall prey to wild animal attacks & die of road accidents while the government persons evade such misfortunes conveniently at times moments apart.

One might be duped to believe this started off with NASA leader, Raila Odinga, throwing the proverbial grenade into the room, Kenya, running off to the UK forgetting to shout the friendly “fire in the hole” for the rest of us. Not at all, and if you think so you are mistaken!! There were widespread calls for a revolution in Kenya. Problem is we didn’t realize that Revolutions turn and burn the igniters of the fire themselves, that it scorches the earth from where it leaps from. A revolution we ran into, a revolution has to form and before it’s done we will fall in line.

Old thought processes of leaning on tribal lines, and ‘friends’ in high places is beginning to take in water. Old allegiances are shifting along with new interests. The terrain has changed and the powers that be have to grapple onto something, anything with a semblance of order, eagerly looking for a reason to legitimize their stand. A new order must be installed!

As for us Patriots, we bleed for the nation, at a time when anarchy reigns Supreme, the Rule of law being used by individual politicians to push their agenda further, where the rights to protest and picket is used by wayward politicians to call for violence, insulting government & inciting to divide Kenya on secession lines. At a sad time where the poor & desperate are paid 200/- to go shout and cause havoc in the three Central Business Districts, to create a ‘movement’ off sorts.

Kenyans asked for what they didn’t know, and as the embers grow to flames we hope they don’t consume country, we also dare hope that they burn off the deceptive glasses Kenyans have been accustomed to wear on account of tribal politicians who promise heaven.

We hope and pray that the citizens of this great nation grow out of mediocrity and grub power by the nuts(in the most decent way) and control it for their benefit.
We hope that when this is all done we realize that we have been collectively manipulated to grow into distinct tribal cocoons for the sole purpose of acting like a butting rum for the political elite, and that this rum has been passed down from father to son without consent.
We go further to hope that we make a wise decision on what is to supercede the other, the rule of law or the push by a popular leader to riot country, our national peace or a payback scheme for past offenses,leadership or tribal supremacy. National cohesion and unity or secession?

For reason or sanity to reign Supreme, the contrary has to rear it’s head, and an ugly head it is rearing. May the truth, justice and sanity all tempered with responsibility for country.


Kenya Burns

It’s been a decade now since ‘La Guerre’, as the world chose to call it. The world had seen too much of wars, probably too much that they ran out of names to call it or perhaps it was picked up from the journalist who dared venture into the interior to scoop the scoop of the century! Dumbfounded, he was found locked in a torpedo man cave , unable to mutter anything than ‘La Guerre’. Off to counseling and rehabilitation, he gave us a name, serving his purpose.

It had all started off as innocently as all our online memes. The government releasing a press statement to all media stations, stating in clear English and Kiswahili that the powers that be had an obligation to ensure continuity of the state as we know it, they would additionally proceed to destroy absolutely enemies of state, come what may. The Army generals peeking behind the government spokesman, in full combat presenting an impenetrable wall that would only result in blood & death if questioned, poked or crossed. The line had been drawn on the ground, the army had gotten fed up by the instability, what’s the use of protecting country from the borders while country burns itself??

President Uhuru Kenyatta, had been cast as a disturbed, angry man, not in control of his nation, appearing only to attempt a speech for peace albeit unsuccessfully. It had been a month after the Supreme court was forced to declare his Presidency unconstitutional after a collapse of five years after his swearing in back in 2013. The care taker government structuring proves too hard a nut to crack, as the ruling gets us unprepared. Suddenly we are faced with questions we had never before pondered,

Is Uhuru supposed to vacate the state House?
Is the care taker government to be led by the National Assembly speaker?
Is the caretaker government to move into State house?
Is the Caretaker government meant to appoint a new cabinet?
Is the army suppose to sit on its well armed hands in silence?
Would the army agree to obediently play tool to a caretaker government?

The opposition strongholds celebrate, with shaky and uncertain voices of jubilation they cheer of a seeming win over the government, but uncertain of what is next. The political speeches being delivered had long thrown caution to the wind, the proverbial war drums were splitting the airwaves. It had been too late to recall our elected leaders, even with their disgusting acts and utterances.

The opposition leaders decided to declare Raila Odinga President of country, on account of rigged elections, four in total in the past two decades. Celebrations spread across half the nation. The Central region in Kenya gets the message of lawlessness all too well and decide to result in their famed guerilla tactics, ethnic cleansing, at least that’s what the rumor mill let out. What we know for sure is that bodies started dropping, across the nation tribal alliances defined who lived and who died. The police looked on, abandoning duty with a seemingly lack of leadership.

After two days of death, and La Guerre threatening to escalate, the nation seemed polarised with the two sides baying to extinguish each other! Moving closer and closer to each other, the rebels in north Eastern Uganda see an opportunity to spread their territory and sell their weapons for a quick buck. South Sudanese warring clans find an equally intoxicating neighbor to call home, they move in. From the North East the Somali terrorism outfit Al-shabaab finds inroads into country, their first duty is to raid the refugee camps to destroy the deserters of their cause, after all hadn’t they sworn to find them in life or death.

The Kenyan army raises arm, declares state of emergency, arms up and spread out across country to at least force a semblance of peace… What follows next is catastrophic to say the least, too hard to comprehend. All manner of inhuman acts go down, directly associated to the military and many more to opportunistic individuals. The police who had stood up for law and order having been ordered down by the military intervention, had left the country lawless. For once in our history our mighty army used it’s superior fighting skills and weapons against its own nation. The tribal gangs claiming several regions as their own, were considered terrorists and no effort was spared in squashing them.

The nation was smoldering, never had a great nation disintegrated this fast. Before the UN forces came to aid, the damage was done. The warlike tribes had chosen the time to relive their centuries old fame, arming themselves to the teeth with crude weapons. For the first time in a century we see the Nandi run through scours in a matter of hours. We witness the Mt. Kenya worriors, of Ameru decent, leave a trail of bodies from the mountain to the capital, reclaiming their ancestral land.

I watch as a ball of dry grass roll past our makeshift tents. A ruffle in the back, sounds of joy permeate the air, I at first wonder what that is and the memories creep in slowly but surely, a distant memory. I enquire and learn that Museveni has finally agreed to hand 10 acres to the Kenyan refugees in their North Eastern region. I slowly rise, my knees haven’t been what they used to be, ever since the GSU officer got the best of it as I escaped with my life & the meager clothes on my back. The gesture though long overdue, was something, maybe our children, those that survived the ethnic cleansing, will make better decisions.

I walk away, head permanently dropped, maybe they will also increase the water rations per household.

Stale Leadership in Jubilee

Dear Mr. President and the brigade leading country. This is passionately written to you, targeted to address the crisis we are hurtling towards, yes hurtling, for this nation cannot afford the SUVs that cruise, that am afraid is the reserve of the managers’ of countries resources.

And as leader of said party we wish to address honorable Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. We called for change dear sir, we fought for it in all manner and means; we wrote, sang, we protested, infact we died for the change we wanted. Dating back to our Inception as a nation we have come a long way, and a longer way we must go to get to where nation needs to be.

Point to note Sir is the movement you started, by awarding the youth, women and disadvantaged individuals 30 % of all government expenditure you essentially gifted a majority. Second by essentially downing the traditionally acclaimed political party formation process and forming a grand coalition that averages the will and dreams of a wide scope of leaders across the nation.
Dear sir you not only pushed dear Kenya into the digital age, but you ensured a never return to the old way of operations, for this the youth praise you!!
The scholars are ecstatic and elated, politicians well measured. So much so that the opposition has nothing bad to say that a reminder that they will do what you did/do only better! This is in itself an endorsement from enemy camps.

Dear Sir, you raised the bar, so high we forget the old world order! Where the President had both visible and invincible hand in all matters nation! Visible to sign deals and act presidential, the invisible one to crush, maim, intimidate and make disappear his enemies. We commend you for not following the footsteps as publicized before.

Herein lies the problem, where the elite in country seem to take the opportunity to trample on sacred ground that is our way of life, they have run a mock with allegations unproven tarnishing image of Presidency and Country. They have flexed their muscle and the onslaught is damaging to country.

Even worse Mr. President is that most of the populace doesn’t know what is happening, even more don’t understand what is being spoken of; thanks to illiteracy levels in our motherland. Here is why you were elected President:
that you may protect the constitution from enemies, and they will be enemies!
that you may lead us to greener pastures and better times,
that you may uplift our people in totality from border to border.

Am afraid Mr. President your recent statements have wrought questions in your commitment to statemanship . Forget the Maraga spurts, he’s a big boy, y’all can fight it out, I speak of the statements made in reference to a people, a community, an area especially those that didn’t vote for you. Dear sir, a leader should lead a nation to prosperity, should then diffuse the development and milk of it thereof to the entire nation with no bias for or against. Knowing full well how nations run, we don’t assume that you call all the shots but as far as influencers to national leaders go you take the crown;as such we don’t expect you to elicit such comments to anyone, anywhere within our boundaries because We Are One!! Whichever way you lean or appear leaning good sir, will inform your cronies, deputies and@ followers of how the government will lean. Your avid supporters placed you as their leader and expect you to appear as just that!

To Jubilee politicians, if you didn’t notice, we are at a turning point in our nation and the world over, an unexpected movement of Nationalism!! Which means, to the likes of Moses Kuria, that the people are increasingly seeking to take back control, and more importantly taking going against the old school thought process. So please stop making a mockery of yourselves and shape up, there’s a new world order to things as it doesn’t embrace cheap abuses back & forth!

Moreover, noteworthy is the fact that if a leader results to cheap thrills, they either don’t deserve the seat or they don’t know what to do with power bequeathed them. This dear leaders isn’t the colour we would wish our leadership to wear.

Jubilee leader act like the leaders you are, raise the bar fully, not halfway ! If enemy pulls you down to the trenches, you need not get down there with them lest your cloak soils and we are left with two mad men fighting it out.

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Kenya’s stale leadership 

To the NASA Team and Jubilee Team in equal measure! You have not only failed, you are revealing what is wrong with our leadership. 

The stink is choking! The level of self preservation and self enrichment is dishearteningly clear. The Patriot had no other course of action that to slander such traits!! And as is characteristic of the so huge a burden the Patriot gracefully shoulders, one of love of country, naming and shaming isn’t enough but advice on how to proceed is necessary!
The NASA Team, was declared losers in the just concluded 2017 elections by the constitutional body IEBC. They go on to contest the validity of their loss, even before the announcement! Crying foul on some major irregularities; a hacked system, ghost polling stations and a biased leadership within the IEBC! As all Kenyans we held our breaths awaiting the highly popularised evidence, IEBC chair too. After a barrage of press conferences with NASA crying foul they swore not to follow the IEBC ruling and deftly side stepped the whole evidence issue. 

The announcement was made! Jubilee supporters celebrated, NASA supporters grieved, both sides decided to walk out in the night to express their feelings, different as they were. In NASA strongholds though, the police report running battles with the supporters, thefts, destruction of property by the grieving lot,according to the police

Acting Security CS Matiangi “the police were stopping looters and thieves, not fighting protesters….no report of dead protesters” the statement went, all this while the NASA leadership, for whom the grieving was for kept mum. From the onset of the grieving protests, the alleged cold-blooded killing by the police, the NASA leadership went mum,silent on the direction their followers should follow. It should be remembered that the NASA team kept quiet since their boycott of the IEBC announcements, leaving their followers /supporters in limbo essentially creating a vacuum that resulted to a number of deaths, destruction of property, police cruelty and other untold inhuman acts. The nation wept for the hurt & dead.

For the NASA leadership to come after the inhuman acts have been confirmed, to come after the deaths have occurred, to show their faces after supoorters have been killed, to now raise their voice in protest as opposed to speaking out in leadership of their distraught masses is sinister, sly, borderline criminal and honestly unbecoming of a leader on any level: from the class prefects in Primary school to the Student leaders in Universities. Ones mind would roam wild seeking reasons as to why the leadership did this..?

 Was it to develop some grounds against the government?

Was it to justify their cry for justice?

On the other hand all Kenyans did what Kenyans do best, they went out in large numbers in the streets shouting their support/pleasure and displeasure with the announcement, the social media posts and images, their sensitivity not withstanding afterall that’s what we do! Expecting any different is expecting the populace to pretend, hiding their color! The leadership must surely know their people! 

Onto this background, adding the fact that they had unanimously trashed the judiciary and swore not to take a petition there, only to take it there and celebrate the ruling when it favoured their side! Disgrace! Disgrace! Disgrace!

To the Jubilee side, lemme hold it for the continuation in the next article…. 

Secession Plan

There comes a time when a people have to define themselves! A time when a group of people decide and say ‘We are this,…… We are that…… ” at such a time, as is human history war/destruction envelope us. This is evident in such famous wars as German against the Austrians, Russians against the Czars, MauMau against the British colonizers, and more recently South Sudan against the Sudanese. If ever there is a group of people with a unifying factor, however marginal, and say the unifying factor is used by yet another superior group to discriminate, oppress and/or even to deny them rights and freedoms they believe they deserve (whether they do or not) they would call for self rule. Human rights and freedom has been assured by countless treaties in the past informed by inhuman & inhumane wars that have been waged in the past against people by other power seeking people! 
This is where we are as a nation, a self defining moment :we assumed the defining moment came in 1963 November 12th but apparently not! Since our Inception as a nation we have been dotted by claims of inequality! The first being the clash between Jomo Kenyatta, 1st President & Oginga Odinga, 1st Vice President. Kenya had been lauded in the past as a peaceful nation but it seems it has been an uncomfortable union/marriage. We are here now, whatever happened in between is history, where retired President Daniel Toroitich arap Moi ruled with an iron fist for a whooping 24 years, with the opposition divided though united in fighting the dictatorship. 

Come 2002 we relieved ourselves off the dictatorship and we had Kibaki, after his first term country was divided again because an overwhelming number didn’t believe the administration served nor represented them as sufficiently. 2007/08 PEV happened blotting our reputation and image forever, most importantly turned all Kenyans into a conflict fearing lot. 

And again 2013 took place where the country was divided by half. The next five years saw an active political rivalry with grand corruption taking center stage, either we had never seen/heard such or we were finally enjoying fruits of free media and freedom of information, the verdict is anyone’s guess. 
In 2017 the opposition has lost the elections ones again, atleast according to the IEBC & international observers. The opposition I would mention has been in the ‘opposition’ seemingly forever, longer than the bulk of our population, they fought against dictatorship, for constitutional reforms and stood for freedom of expression and peace! Not an easy fit, they now want leadership, afterall they must have earned it, what with the depths they have drugged our nation out of. 
Unfortunately they have never had the opportunity as it seems the consecutive leaders we have had have sidelined them, the elections we have had have not favoured them; voter bribery, rigging and most recently computer generated leaders have been the cries of the opposition. Consecutively supported by almost half of the voters they feel disenfranchised, demoralized, marginalized and robbed from. And now from the blues we are hearing calls for secession where the ones feeling this would be allowed to establish their own nation apart from the Kenya we have learnt to love. 

The Patriots is simple! Why not, we are all citizens of the world, all with the rights and freedoms to chart our own futures whether(if we decide) tribalistically, socially or regionally. The calls for secession should be supported by a majority to warrant its execution, should be unanimously decided, should have clear points of schism, oppression, disadvantage and marginalization. Far be it for me and fellow patriots to stand for the oppression of a group of people. The opposition and the numerous supporters have an uphill task, to prove beyond doubt their marginalization, their oppression(most importantly their oppressors) and also define exactly who has qualified as oppressed. 

On the same subject I would like to pose to those calling for secession some questions, feel free to take your time or answer immidiately. 

Are you sure those ‘marginalized communities’  as is put, feel marginalized ? 

Are you certain that there is a community /tribe or region that has been oppressed and marginalized for the period of time you claim? 

Are you certain the issues brought forward are unanimous to the communities /tribes highlighted? 

Are you certain the demand and claims for secession represent the majority and not pushed/influenced by a minority in leadership who feel disenfranchised? 
Hard questions but necessary. 
God bless Country and its People. 

Spare us the Crap!! 

So I joined school at around four years old, before I could tell what the little dark things on papers were. I didn’t know myself! I hated change, abhorred it  infact, so much that I would writh in pain when dropped off at school in the morning. I soon learnt that it’s inevitable, and grew into the school system. I soon learnt that those black things were letters, words, sentences, paragraphs, stories and realized the faster I learnt them, the better I was! 

Competition was introduced into the scope; that how much I absorbed more than my friend in class determined my position in class. Where winner was gifted prizes, trophy, cash & expensive indulgences. I learnt the game, and perfected it, my winning or losing didn’t hinder me from playing with the rest, it didn’t mean I sat out on the hide and seek games, nor the tap-me games. Ones I lost I simply worked harder to beat competition, sadly though I almost never made it to number one in class but I was somewhere! 

Now we in this political game where the winner is glad they won, took home the crown, the second in position decides that they should have won and refuses to concede defeat! Simply put we have a situation where we are handling a side that had declared that they would never accept anything short of a victory, whether they work for it or not, the NASA side has let us all down! A band of great leaders trying to force their way into power! 

Our constitution is very clear, the President elect has to get 50% of votes in a number of counties, and above all has to have the highest number of votes. What that means, dear Kenyans is that whether the winner gunners a million votes more, a thousand, a hundred or even one more vote he wins! No questions asked, common sense further dictates that the number two in this case should accept defeat and rally his/her supporters to go back and proceed with building country. 

If ever there’s a dispute in the voter counting a responsible leader should in the same spirit of patriotism push the relevant systems to address the shortcomings observed, clear the ambiguity and proceed in nation building, and if the opposition then they should push the government to account for the betterment of the nation. Incase anything comes up and the electoral body can’t solve, the courts are there to sort it out, and lucky for Kenya there is a whole battery of international observers who would observe the whole process and push  for justice. 

Holding the country Ransom is irresponsible, unpatriotic and at best criminal! Playing the masses that support you to cause havoc is tantamount to a coup d’état ! Given the level of illiteracy in our nation, our leaders know very well the power they hold over their supporters. They should be quick to address their supporters giving them a direction, not going mum leaving their patriotic supporters in limbo, assuming what their leaders, their eyes, their heads are cooking, thinking, grieving, planning. A vacuum is left, and nature abhors vacuums always quick to fill them. This vacuum is quickly filled and more often than not it is filled by violence! 

In our case fellows walk out of their homes in the middle of the night to mourn their loss. In a poverty stricken, tribalism-ridden country, the norm is whenever there is an excuse for lawlessness the majority of have-nots would rob from the fewer haves. Closing your eyes to sucha dynamic shows how blind we are or shows how underhanded we can be. Of course a group of guys thinking they are disenfranchised, whether true or not, walking in yhe night would engage in property destruction! Not all but few elements, the police men, our fellow countrymen, would engage appropriately according to training and orders! Of course runming battles have casualties, most often innocent bystanders. And now we would have something to really cry about! Notice the ripple effect? 

Mass Action? NO!! 

I do not support any call for mass protests, by NASA, because it will not achieve much in such a divided country, where half of the population will be celebrating the killing of the other half. As we speak, there are families planning for funerals for those killed by the police, including children, and above them is the cloud of celebration from the other half. Hundreds are in hospital beds now, a good number, nursing gun-related injuries. You know it is the same cycle of state-sponsored terror since the 1960s. 

Our bodies are soft and weak, and we do not have guns and we cannot battle the state, but we are intelligent and our minds are strong. Let us not increase our suffering now. Let us be like the farmer who does not throw away the little harvest in a drought season, but dutifully harvests every corn, even the smallest ones, for the granary, knowing that the small harvest can as well be seeds for the next season, and when the rains come, they, like others, will wake up and go till the land. We will till the earth when the time is right. Remember retreat can also be a form of offense, the most important thing is to keep enough powder to make your comeback. Retreats are not always defeats, they can be a deliberate tactic to gain more defensible ground and consolidate forces for the final ambush. Retreats have changed the destiny of entire nations. Do not go to the streets now to protest. It will only increase our suffering.

 To NASA supporters, especially the Luo peoples, this is the time to retreat, pull back from the state, and restrategize about what kind of collective identity and struggle is worth participating in for yourself, your region, or your country. I advocate for a new era of communal reflection and healing, coming together and building future visions and possibilities, for ourselves and for others.
Credits to Richard Oduor Oduku (fb) 

Free Fair Elections…?? What does that mean? 

For so many if us, elections are that five year occasion that seems to precipitate some kind of violence, hatred and injustice, we tend to think that this period we are allowed to go lawless and fall victim to our dark desires with no follow up!! I notice, with increasing pain and wonder how much Kenyans are ignorant of the electoral process. Why them should we be surprised if our candidate doesn’t win and calls for protests? 

How can we know a legitimate tally, result? 

To start off there are names we need to define There is a Polling station, Polling Center, Contituency Returning Officer, County Tallying Center & National Tallying center. 

Polling Station – this is the room, partition in a hall, section in an open field where you lined up, got searched (fingerprint or ID incase ptints were off), given the ballot papers and led to a booth! This basic unit is the most important, led by a Presiding Officer (P.O) under the observation of party agents(important!) each Party had allocated agents to each and every Polling station, all the over 40,833 of them all. So the PO & Agents agree on the votes and before proceeding the PO takes the A-series documents(34A,35A,36A,37A,38A,39A) takes a pic with the KIEMS kit and transmits. Noteworthy is that the A-series documents above come in 6 carbon papers, the PO sticks one on the box, sticks one on the door of his station, the rest he gives to the Agents to use. Got it! In addition, PO sent via text updates to CRO every three hours across the day. 

Constituency Returning Officer – this is the final say in each and every constituency (295 of them). His or her duty is to collect the results from the several POs in his contituency tabulates them forming the B-Series forms (34B). S/he then announce the results at that level, final for MP, MCA. The Electoral laws in effect place the results at this level FINAL! That means whatever he announces is Final, irrespective of what Chebukati says! 
County Tallying Center – this is where they would pick the results from the different Constituency Returning Officers (CRO) and tabulate them altogether! Form C-Series (eg. 34C) document. They then announce winners for Governorship, Senatorial seats, Women Reps. They should then transmit the results to the National Tallying Center. 

National Tallying Center – this is the famous Bomas of Kenya! Where Chebukati, Chiloba(or Chilobae) are couoed up. They receive the documents from the various IEBC agents,they compare them with the agents from the parties, these are the Chief agents who are getting information from the many of their agents on the ground. They compare, any disparity is sorted, difference are solved. The IEBC chair announces final results for the Presidency. 
So dear Kenyans, got the process? See the failsafes? 

There comes a time… 

‘There comes a time, when the nation is more important than the individuals running it’ is a statement we are all too familiar with. Like all upstanding, noble statements uttered in the public rallies and press conferences, they are an amoral tool that can be used for positive outcome or negative abd in our case the negative connotation takes the day almost all the time! From the days of our independence where the political ball was shot on the merits of who was a collaborator and who fought against the colonialists as a basis of who had the right to rule, speak in public and have enough of a moral authority to address a nation! Now we face a new challenge where past scores have since been left to historians to decipher and the enemy today is craftier, playing in the background, moving chess pieces like a master, with no shred of humanity to speak of. In par unlike the olden days we have received the white man’s enlightenment, we have partaken of the juice of knowledge and deciphering the unseen! And we can see clearer than many what is happening. 

Silence has been held for too long that the servants have since taken up board in the master bedroom, forcing the deserving owners to seek solace in the wraps of their couches and floor, stiffening the early morning chills! We have been reduced to poppers by those who we have specifically set up to protect our interests, and now they are too comfortable in their positions of power that they dare take a life of a fellow Patriot? And we seat and watch? 

Dear Kenyan Patriots, there comes a time when a people says enough is enough! Enough to the tribal manufactured warfare and tension! 

Enough to reckless politicians talking utter rubbish and trash at the same electorate they arevto represent and work for! 

Enough to regimes and organizations that only serve a few of their friends while the rest of us are left poppers, begging and fighting fellow Kenyan in the guise of political supremacy! 

There comes a time fellow Kenyans when the nation arises and discovers its true destiny! Its true purpose! Its true state of affairs! 

There comes a time when the fellow country man realizes that they hold the power in their hands! Power to install and uninstall even the President of the Nation! A time when the eyes are wide open to the true realities of the land, just as our freedom fighting forefathers foresaw. 

This is a call to all Kenyans to not be taken for fools! Not to be manipulated as children! We are of age! Let’s open our eyes and judge and judge rightly, afterall ‘A TREE IS KNOWN BY ITS OWN FRUITS’ it shouldn’t be hard! If you see a leader’s score card, you see them! No two ways about it, there’s no excuse! If they have developed their area, they are good, if they have no development to show in their area then they are bad! Enemies of country! We shouldn’t care abkut their decisive politics, lies & rumors! We proceed with facts.

Who are we awaiting for? The Europeans to come anf chaperon us from slaying each other? For Sudan to form peace delegations to our warring  nation? Or are we waiting for the day millions of Kenyans would run to Tanzania, Uganda & Ethiopia to seek refuge in refugee camps located in remotest areas of their nation? I am shying away from bluntly saying 


but being the calm reasonable fellow I am I won’t! 

How I wish we would all realize that this is our heritage! Nation! Pride! And we control it! 


The Maize Games and Hidden Battles 

When I was young I had hopes, dreams unshaken and unfazed by their magnitude and complexity. I had taken a sip, a gulp out of the cup of hope, a cup that was generously provided, unreservedly sprinkled onto our hungry, thirsty souls. I had been quick at it, and thorough too; I was drunk. And so I dreamt and planned out heaven and how to conquer :in m mind I waz certain poverty was in the mind of the poor born out of an intrinsic trait of laziness from the same crowd.

Afterall when you plant, you will, must, reap, bigger moreover. The belief held through upto after I complete my studies and the full reality of our economic circumstances comes settling down.

A flip into history reveals a disturbing trait where the winners standing high and tall are as a result of mutiny and genocide. That those who we call leaders got there via illegal means, not the kind that you can brush over but the kind you wouldn’t want to reconsider for even a second opinion due to their severity.

There’s a fundamentally disturbing thought that creeps into ones head when there isn’t any success story free of crime, a clean business, one that is built from morals, goodwill and hardwork. The problem with such a nation is simply that people always know, the information gets by. You’d be surprised how many people know the secrets of a certain politician from corner to corner of our nation without even being in the same county. And un a nation as urbanized as ours, one that is in love with forwards, how much more.

Human nature dictates that when you see a car heading your way @100 kph you jump off, brace yourself and/or cover your head. I am concerned at the number of Kenyans who have witnessed good men, die off, fizzle away, tortured and what that means to the generations to come, specifically the X generation, XY & millennials. If the inly proven way to make a billion in our nation is to commandeer the supply chain for maize in our nation, or to simply sell a whole government Embassy abroad, then what would stop like minded people from doing the same thing?

A country with NCPB silos dotting across the nation filled with grain from as early as 2003, we go hungry, starve to death and none is the wiser. Our biggest aim seems to be who controls State House, blind to the basic services like a shop smack in the middle of town paying four thousand shillings more on a certain year but still expected to persevere the sewerage that the county council has assumed doesn’t exist. All this happens in broad daylight and we should overlook the fact that dollar millionaires keep popping up in the most crucial of positions in our government and we should assume this is all mystery ;that the money has just fallen onto their laps?
Really Kenya?

And now a bigger villain has been exposed, a dollar billionaire, shipping maize all the way from Mexico for local consumption yet we have reserves that would last us a decade, and of course in our old fashion, we don’t know what has happened. We are an innocent, ignorant & toothless mass that doesn’t know their rights or basics of trading. Someone just dared the public to act and is awaiting a response